1+1 = 3 - The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Hey fam, I’m Nic if you haven’t met me. Reach out and we’ll get to know each other!

I was going to drop this in ‘Organization’. And then I though about dropping it in ‘Growth’.
But after reading the posts there and the description of the channel, what I’d like to start chatting with everyone about is much bigger than either category, or any other category we’ve created so far.

Why is engaging with this important?
Like Southwest Airlines, or Chic-Fil-A, or Trader Joes, a conversation on successful, intentional Culture that informs everything we do (I’m not talking about Ping-Pong tables/free snacks/company handbooks), but also drives both growth and our bottom line will absolutely determine the future of our people in the cryptoverse. Enjoy.

PS, to read this properly, one need not agree with all the premises intellectually. This is parable. It’s story. And I’m far more interested in your gut response - your immediate emotional undercurrent. So all you intelligent, analytical, process people in our midst - try to shut down that cerebral cortex for a minute and enjoy getting into your limbic brain.

Don’t scroll down for TLDR.

1+1 = 3

Our universe is a Self Transcending Reality in Ongoing Creation.

Wait wait.

Don’t go anywhere. Yes it’s esoteric language and possibly a bit…”hippy dippy”, but this scientific and philosophical truth insists there is a concrete reality we need to understand as part of this living, breathing organism we call the DAO.

Strap in, grab a pencil and paper. If you’re a smooth brain put on your thinking helmet and follow along. Even degens and apes are welcome.

Scientists generally agree that 13.8 billions years ago, an expansion of a “singular point of ineffable, infinite density containing all the compressed mass space time of the universe” exploded violently at a rate of speed I don’t have the time to look up rn. You google it.

  • Particles - (bits and pieces of energy), bonded with other particles of similar substance and essence to form atoms.

  • Atoms bonded with other atoms of similar substance and essence to form molecules

  • Molecules bonded with similar molecules to form complex systems and organisms. Much much much much later, humans came along and after a very short time on this planet, we became conscious that we were conscious. [insert ‘mind blown’ emoji]. What a weird story.

  • When atoms bond with other atoms, you don’t just get a group of atoms, you get something NEW that has qualities and characteristics that aren’t present at the earlier component level. (Let this sink in…you’ll need it to untangle the rest of this).

Particles bond with other particles of similar essence and substance to make a new, bigger entity beyond themselves - particles to atoms, atoms to cells, cells to systems, etc.
Each thing does this to be a part of something bigger than itself having new properties that haven’t yet emerged in the universe.

So if you’ve ever felt or heard, “I just wanna be a part of something bigger than myself” - so does everything in the universe. Refusing to bond with others of similar substance and essence holds the whole thing up from its natural forward movement.

This is why loneliness is such a deep ache in the bones of humanity. Something deep within us tells us that loneliness is not the direction the universe is headed.

Take a flock of starlings (or ‘murmuration’ - google this one too), banking right, then left - which bird is giving directions?
You could take out and examine bird after bird in the flock and you would not locate the decision maker. When they fly together, a communal mind emerges that makes the decisions. No one is calling out directions or giving orders, the hive mind protects them and provides safety. There’s safety in the murmuration/tribe/DAO.

This is called holism, emergence, or epiphenomenon.

*Pause, Ponder…

*Please continue

The universe has been (and continues) unfolding in this fashion since the beginning with increasing holism and self transcendence, not just in complexity, but in unity, with each new layer giving birth to new qualities and characteristics that cannot be identified at the earlier component level.

“As one exhales, in the breathe so does one find the DAO”

Imagine for a moment the DAO as a living, breathing body. The heart is beating, the hands are busy doing what the brain tells them to do (usually). The feet are taking steps forward as they are coordinated to do so. The question I’m most curious about is - in what direction does this DAO, our Tribe, take intentional steps towards? What is the vision we’re pursuing together?

Yes Index Coop is rightly a product and technology focused group of people, but the heart of the DAO is beating, and sometimes the heart will lead us where our minds can’t fit. Ignoring our collective heart and the direction it’s pointed will put a lid on our ability to maximize our individual potentials, and the future of the crypto space


13.8 billions years ago, an expansion of a single point of infinite density containing all the compressed mass space time of the universe violently exploded.

And here we are, bits and pieces of humanity attempting to bond together, and there are so many questions that perhaps would be best suited to ask our hearts first…

Will we self transcend?

What do we make up? Is there a new layer in the universe that has yet to unfold and will only unfold when we bond with each other?

Can we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to bring to fullness of who we are, and our fears to each other - to birth something new?

Is Index Coop a DAO that will change all of society?

What happens when DAO’s of similar essence and substance bond together?

Are we ready for that?

What is the next layer that no one has dared yet to dream?

Some things are more true than just literally true. And I’m convinced DAO’s are the future of the human experience.

How can we create an environment where people can find their calling?

So here’s an IIP for you: bring your Personhood, unique perspective, personality, experience, emotion, heart, mind, body and give of yourself in a fresh way. Rise to the seemingly endless challenges we face together - beyond just financial ones.

Give the thing the entire cryptonic universe needs. You.

TLDR; The Coop is 9 months old. It’s time to birth something new. If we’re serious about growing this thing, leveling up, driving our bottom line, and expanding our impact, it’s time to shake things up and ask tough questions. It’s time to start thinking about our own development, and those particles out there we haven’t bonded with yet.




Great read @nic - thanks for sharing.

There is a bright future ahead for Index Coop and it is a pleasure to have so many smart, talented and empathetic people helping make this happen.


Welcome to the flock, @nic .


I don’t think this is 100% the same idea, but this slide stood out from Tuesday’s Index 2.0 Organizational Feedback and Action Planning session and seems like its pointing in a similar direction

That study was an awesome starting point for the conversation :fire: These ^ are great examples to begin the conversations around our purpose for existing, our “why.”

Also, pulling out some of your Qs too for further consideration:

  • Can we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to bring to fullness of who we are, and our fears to each other - to birth something new?
  • Is Index Coop a DAO that will change all of society?
  • How can we create an environment where people can find their calling?

Thanks for this. I totally agree. Thanks too for pulling these highlights out. It helps me as I think through some of these big questions myself

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Thanks for sharing Nic, nice to read a bit of DAO philosophy.

I’m sure this must have been discussed, but I often think about the synchronicity between ‘a DAO’ and ‘the DAO’ (DAOISM/TAOISM).

Your post reminded of this.

Here’s a quote directly from an Alan Watts passage on daoism.

“[T]he natural universe is not a linear system. It involves an infinitude of variables interacting simultaneously, so that it would take incalculable aeons to translate even one moment of its operation into linear, alphabetic language.”

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Thank you for this insight!
I completely agree with this and I’d be lying if I told you Alan Watts hasn’t deeply influenced me.

I believe if we want to see what the DAO can really do - it’s maximum potential to change us and serve the WORLD, it helps to think universally and follow its conclusion all the way to human transformation which will drive our metrics and bottom line.

Most DAO’s in the space have been focused on tech and product, as well they should. But I’m convinced the future of the DAO, its next expansion, will be born of this very conversation. And we will lead the cryptoverse not only in structure and market fit and success, but also in THOUGHT.

The artists/mystics/philosophers of a culture tell this story best and if we can identity these hidden Leaders in the Coop, as they bubble up to the surface, we’re gonna get ROCKED. Every single one of us in the DAOwl. I’m honored to be on this journey with you.

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Really appreciate your thoughts, Nic. Thanks for sharing. Coming out of the recent Organization Assessment (including 20 Coop “leadership” interviews and the August Pulse Survey) we are planning next actions this week —hoping to include some of the topics you raise. I think the POC team also has a very active calendar of things going on too. Happy to loop you in!

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Yeah for sure! It would probably be good to get on the same page. We don’t want parallel processes if we can manage it lol.