BED Community Call - Announcement & Request for Questions

Hi Owls :owl:

On February 26, Ryan Sean Adams & David Hoffman of Bankless posted Let's create the BED Index.

As part of the Product Onboarding Process, we will hold a BED Community Call w/Bankless on Friday 3/19 @ 9:00 am PST // 4:00 pm GMT.

The purpose of this call is to give Ryan & David opportunity to address questions the Coop has about $BED in conversation with community members.

Your actions :zap:

  1. DM me your email address to be added to the calendar invite
  2. Add your open questions as a reply :point_down:

I will collect & organize the questions posted here so they can be addressed on* Friday’s call.

Onwards :rocket:


Using How I think about new products, here some rough draft questions on my mind for Friday:

  1. Product-market fit: From what type(s) of people (user personas) are you seeing demand for BED? I have no doubt there is demand, I am curious to hear the Bankless perspective and description.
  2. Product-market fit: Today, what protocols/platforms do you send these ^ folks to in order to purchase crypto? I am curious about how we might prioritize initial distribution channels.
  3. Product-market fit: You mention BCP ($5.3MM mcap). What do you think it takes for BED to capture the attention of the market?
  4. Methodologist as a long-term partner: Should this product pass DG2, how can the Coop support you to be an active, long-term partner?
  5. What questions do you have that we haven’t addressed?

I will organize these :point_up: as well as other questions posted as replies in a Google Doc prior to Friday’s call and use them to guide Friday’s conversation.

P.S. I believe $BED can be a massive product :rocket:


Thanks for putting this together.

  1. What is your strategy around implementing yield-bearing tokens and potential inclusion of other components into the product? Would you consider an evolution into LP tokens?

  2. How do you intend to embed the product into your burgeoning media empire :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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Excited for tomorrow! I am creating the slide deck to organize these questions rrrrright now.

Please add your questions here before end-of-day.

cc: @MrMadila @Lavi @Matthew_Graham @snasps @verto0912

+1 to the BCP question. PieDAO put that out quickly, but they’re still a small in comparison to the Coop. No doubt with a Bankless push it could aided in adoption.

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  1. What is the likelihood we could make BED a productive asset out the gate?
  2. Thoughts on using something such as mBTC (or any other similar token) to provide a bit more safety?
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both questions added :white_check_mark:

Thanks @gregdocter

  1. At a very high level, could you describe how you envision your role post-launch?

  2. Adding to one of your product-market fit questions (feel free to incorporate as you see fit): Do you see CEX listings as a pre-requisite for BED to reach its true potential? If not, why not?

  3. Do you feel that there’s enough demand to hold BED vs. hold the underlying as productive assets? I can see that if we do liquidity mining, holding BED would be quite appealing, even vs. holding the underlying. What’s your take on the necessity of liquidity mining for BED?

  4. I’m sure you have a lot of other initiatives and plans for Bankless. How do you see BED fitting into those plans over the next 12-24-36 months? How do you see your contribution to growing BED evolve over time?


all incorporated :fire:

  1. +1 to the above questions: I’m interested to hear which role they’ll take post launch and what their expectations towards the Coop are, with regards to post launch support.

  2. And taking a glance into the future, integrations of $BED into the wider DeFi ecosystem is something we want to think about. Given that Bankless has quite a wide network within the DeFi ecoystem, is that something they would support? Were there already some discussions/ideas around this topic?
    (h/t to @gregdocter for the inspiration → DeFi cidal post)

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got 'em :white_check_mark:

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How many tokens will be in the BED index ?

hey! the BED index will a weighted index split between $DPI $ETH and $BTC with equal weights for each! you can read the initial proposal here

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