ELECTION CLOSED - MGC Election [June 2022]


This forum post aims to facilitate the nomination of MetaGovernance Committee members. IIP-92 established a standard process for electing the MGC members and defined the starting date of the next term, which is on Block 14920000 (~June 7th , 2022).

The nomination process described in this post will allow potential new members to nominate themselves (or be nominated by someone) and marks the start of the next MGC term.


What is the MetaGovernance Committee?

The MGC serves as a backstop to our MetaGovernance voting structure. The committee is assigned the task to vote when a quorum on MetaGovernance votes is not reached (which happens more often than not). For any vote that does not reach quorum, the MGC ensures that the Index Coop participates in the vote: The MGC is given complete discretion to decide the outcome and vote on behalf of all $INDEX holders.

Responsibilities of the MetaGovernance Committee

Every MGC member is asked to provide their vote on all MetaGovernance votes with either For, Against or Abstain. This is a role that requires active participation, as well as a good understanding of the underlying protocols of Index Coop products. Voting takes place via a chat on Discord. Members are expected to participate in each vote and provide their decision within the given time frame (usually 24 to 48 hrs). Votes can occur 24/7.

Currently, the following protocols are live: Uniswap (UNI), Compound (COMP), Aave (AAVE), Yearn Finance (YFI) and BadgerDAO (BADGER).


Elected members serve 1,200,000 block terms (~6 months), with a 3-consecutive term limit and are elected via weighted voting using Snapshot (voting with $INDEX tokens). Members can hand in their resignation earlier or be recalled by a community vote.


There are currently 3 members of the MGC:


@Yuan-han-li (representing Penn Blockchain)


The members whose term is ending with Block 14920000 (~June 7th , 2022) are @oneski22 and @yuan-han-li . Two members who joined from the previous election have also resigned during their term (@ncitron and @Matthew_Graham). Therefore this will be an election for 4 MetaGovenance Committee seats. As per IIP-92, all members whose seat is up for election can nominate themselves again. This is however not applicable if a member has already served 3 consecutive terms.

Nomination Process for potential new members

Start & End Date

Nominations start with this forum post. The deadline for nominations will be on Friday, June 3rd 20222 @1800 UTC.

Who is eligible?

All community members (internal and external) are welcome to come forward to express their interest in becoming a member of the MGC.

What do I need to do?

  • If you are interested in joining the MGC, please leave a comment at the end of this post announcing your nomination. You can also nominate someone else.
    • All nominations “by someone else” need to be confirmed by the nominee.
  • If nominated, please share your background, any involvement with Index Coop or any other protocols/projects, and why you would be a good fit for a seat on the committee.


My name is Owlie D Cooper (Owlie.eth on discord) and my background is in TradFi.

I’m a silver owl and I have been a contributor to Index Coop for 5 months at the Finance Nest.

My experience with … would be of great use to the MGC, because…

  • [Proof-of-human] New nominees are expected to attend a community call the week following this post, to introduce themselves and explain why they should represent the Coop (only required for non-core contributors). Otherwise, the nomination is not valid.
  • Ideally, this intro takes place during the Weekly Standup on Monday or at the Leadership Forum on Wednesdays.

Election of MGC Members (next steps)

Once all nominations for new MGC members have been submitted (deadline June 3rd 2022, @1800UTC), the GovNest will publish a forum post highlighting the confirmed candidates and provide a brief background on the proposal submitted by those individuals. Afterwards, the election will go live and a Snapshot vote will be created.

Token holders can then vote via a weighted choice to elect four members of the MetaGovernance Committee for the next 1.2M blocks.

If there are any questions on the process or regarding this post, please comment below or contact any member of GovNest (@mel.eth, @sixtykeys, @shawn16400)


The following candidates have self-nominated to serve on the MetaGovernance Committee:


Each nominee’s personal statement can be found in the comments below. Only four candidates will be selected through a ranked-choice vote which can be found here.



I’m mel.eth (mel.eth#0001 on discord) and I’d like to serve on the MGC in the coming term.

I have been contributing full-time at Index Coop since April of '21. I started the contributor newsletter, was a founding member of the Governance Operations Working Group and Governance Nest. Further, I was elected by peers to serve on the inaugural Index Council.

I’m currently the Core Contributor at Index Coop responsible for coordinating and delivering on the Governance Nest remit. I’m an active IC delegate and metagov voter passionate about the responsible and intentional use of metagovernance for positive coordinated outcomes while placing Index Coop sustainability first.

I’m committed to upholding the Index Coop Principles and recognize that this is a journey; I’ll remain open to feedback, communicate openly on the decisions I’m making, and always endeavor to improve.

Good luck to all candidates and thanks to all voters!



I would like to nominate myself.

My background:
I’m ELI5 of TLDR (ELI5 of TLDR#4578 on Discord). I’ve been in crypto since 2015. Since 2020 I’m here full-time; thus, most of my daytime is spent on analyzing/studying/exploring DeFi and everything surrounding it. Recently I decided to create a Twitter account where I summarize and simplify complicated stuff about crypto to a few digestible sentences.

I’m deeply interested in dGov/meta-governance/DAO infrastructures. I’ve been watching IC closely since I learned about the FEI-AAVE-INDEX event which I personally consider as the ice-breaker in the sense of expanding awareness of the importance of metagovernance in the decentralized world.

As a MGC member:
— As stated in my recent proposal; I will try to improve metagovernance participation by simplifying and summarizing all proposals.
— I will seek marketing opportunities to boost Index Coop awareness.
— I will do my best to develop and position IC in the top of new generation crypto investment stewardships



Hi All,

I would like to self nominate to join the MGC.

A short Bio:

I Matthew Graham (ENS: BetaInvestments.eth, Discord: Matthew_Graham#9177, Twitter: Matthew_Graham_), am a Lead Manufacturing Engineer who also has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Investment Finance and Corporate Finance. I joined Index Coop in December 2020, formed and lead the Finance Working Group, now Finance Nest. I am heavily involved with day to day activities within the Finance Nest and served on v1 of the Index Council. I invented the Governance House concept and this team is working to list DPI on the Aave Arc market. I did step down during the previous MGC period due to some shortcoming in communication around the relationship of Index Coop and Governance House. I have learned a lot from that experience and would like the opportunity to support the MGC again.

I am also active in the Aave ecosystem having proposed many ARCs and AIPs, including the DPI listing on Aave V2 Markets and soon Aave Arc Markets. I proposed and coordinated the implementation of MATIC risk parameters on the Aave Polygon Market which lead to the creation of the MATIC2x-FLI and iMATIC-FLI products. I am currently working on supporting the stMATIC listing on the Polygon Aave market which will unlock the icMATIC product when TokenSet is able to support Aave v3.

I have a very well established network within DeFi, most notable Aave, Balancer, Maker and Tribe DAO. Index Coop is currently invested in the Balancer Boosted Pools and Tribe DAO’s fuse pool and is building a BAL and TRIBE position outside of DPI and GMI respectively.


My name is Stepvhen and I would like to self nominate to the MGC. (StepvhenH#8592 on discord).

I’m a silver owl and I have been a contributor to Index Coop for 8 months in Community Nest and recently moved to Product Nest. I currently contribute in the Defi space solely to Index Coop and do not have any conflicts of interest. I actively contribute in several other web3/NFT communities, including voting & governance support, but these have no known overlap with protocols that Index Coop interacts with.

I believe in active investor ownership whether traditional equities or within our new Defi ecosystem. The Defi metagovernance landscape is emerging around us and I find that extremely exciting and have a strong interest in participating in the growth and development of this space. I have a desire to further raise Index Coop’s reputation within the metagovernance ecosystem as a sound, sum-positive actor that can be a trusted partner in any interaction.

I use the following priority framework when voting personally on metagov votes and will continue to apply the same if elected to MGC: Index Coop safety and sustainability; positive Defi ecosystem growth and long-term stability; Index Coop growth and profitability; trusted partner in the greater Defi/crypto ecosystem.

I recognize that the MGC may be depreciated during this term as a process forms around informing the ICC in a way to always meet quorum and am supportive of that movement.


Hello Everyone,

I would like to nominate myself for the role.

My background:

Dedicated the last six months to leading the Balancer Partnership subDAO.
IRL I’m an Airline Captain based in Europe but travelled the world and lived in many different Countries (UK, Spain, Portugal, China, Thailand, Cambodia and now Greece). Previous Experiences range from a military formation and career to an MsC is Air Transport Management. This experience/formation allows me to understand different cultures, perspectives, understanding people, building relationships and have strong management skills and leadership skills. I’m also not afraid of working hard to get things done.

Other web3 projects I’m involved in: just been hired as Liquidity grant and partnerships lead at Polygon DAO (part time role). I also work closely with Coppelaunch on some other initiatives.

My DeFi network expands widely to dozens of protocols, teams and Governance bodies across the industry. I’m excited to bring all my experience to the table


I’m Renee (lee0007#8152 on discord) and I’d like to serve on the MGC in the coming term as it aligns with my reason for venturing into web3 in search of governance models, in pursuit of unassailable, governance legitimacy.

I joined the Coop in July ’21 and was a Gold Owl prior to resigning in April '22 to care for my beloved uncle Alby, who passed away on the 23rd May ‘22.

I would love to find a way to contribute again to Index Coop in a part-time capacity as I am also a solo mama, guarding the time and balance I won back in choosing love over income.

In my time with the Coop. I was a founding member of the former APAC Working Group, lead for the Paid Performance & SEO team and unsuccessful IC candidate

I am an active governance participant and founding contributor of the dGov Decentralised Governance team established to support the Aragon Association and Aragon Labs progressive decentralisation

My conflict of interest statement is with the COI team, I’m committed to upholding the Index Coop Principles and will apply my personal values to this role – excellence, integrity and service to others, collaboration and gratitude.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my nomination. All the best to the candidates, I know who I am voting for here and trust the will and best interests of INDEX holders will be served by voting.


Gm owls,

I’m Alex, ABertoG#1574 or https://twitter.com/A_BertoG
an Actuary who has been in blockchain for the last 5 years, working in the industry for over 3 years. I’m the Risk Manager of the Aave Protocol and Venture Partner at the Open Web Collective. I’ve using index products since the early days of set protocol and joined the DAO in the early season of Autumn 2020. Since I’ve been impressed to follow the Coop’s coordinated growth and progressive decentralisation. I love the products bootstrapped, currently holding a few and farming when available.

Over the last few years I’ve been participating in governance (among which IndexCoop), using DeFi and collecting NFTs. It’s been amazing to learn within all these growing communities. In this wild and complex landscape, Index has emerged as a leader in Meta Governance becoming a powerhouse across the ecosystem. With Index Coop becoming key contributor to many DAOs by pushing for more innovation to build better products and building blocks, facilitating governance and voting actively. I’d love to contribute drive this forward and put my data based and risk conscious approach to the contribution in the MGC


I would like to nominate myself for the MGC.

I’m Overanalyser, overanalyser.eth, Overanlayser.lens, over-analyser#8973 on discord and @AnalyserOver on twitter.

I’ve been a Gold Owl and an active member of INDEXcoop since launch in October 2022. My main focus has been within the product next where I have been Product Working Group co-lead (with @puniaviision ), and I’ve been managing the composite product rebalances since Late 2021.

I’m an INDEXcoop delegate and a very active voter in our snapshots (230 votes to date, second only to Argent.xyz).

I believe that Metagovernance is an incredible value proposition for $INDEX holders, and I believe that it should be should be used as an inherent public good i.e. we should use Metagovernance to the benefit of the underlying projects and the longterm benefit of our holders. As a result I believe that it will build INDEXcoops reputation as a honest and beneficial member of the web3 community.

I affirm the coop guiding principles and I have shared my confilct of interest and more recently here.

I have (very) minimal / zero involvement in any of the protocols we currently have metagovernance rights
over (I have been active in the Bancor governance primarily to get INDEX listed as a token for single sides staking).


I would like to nominate myself for the MGC.

I am puncar#6764 on discord and a bronze owl, I have decided to nominate myself for MGC as I can provide the right mix of expertise and knowledge to make a good impact.

I have worked with MGC for 5-6 months on the metagovernance process as part of the Governance nest. I have handover those tasks last month to free myself and focus on some other metagovernance initiatives:

  1. Set up an evaluation mechanism and guide for onboarding a metagovernance capabilities to Index Coop
  2. Onboarding Maker metagovernance capabilities
  3. Becoming a recognized delegate in MakerDAO to represent the Governance house in support of the DeFi ecosystem

I am also a co-founder of Bankless Consulting and a core member of GitcoinDAO; my main focus is to support coordination in web3 and help the ecosystem to thrive.

My broad expertise and connection within the web3 ecosystem would enable me to make well-informed decisions as part of the MGC. Also, there are many synergies between working at MGC and assisting with onboarding new metagovernance capabilities to Index Coop, making my contribution to Index Coop more efficient and impactful.

I believe metagoverance is very important and one of the main utilities of the INDEX token and I would like to support making it stronger and more impactful.


I (funkmasterflex.eth) am nominating myself for MGC.

Prior to joining IC, I designed industrial-scale solar/battery microgrids with expertise in energy arbitrage. Before that, I worked in traditional finance mostly focusing on risk management.

I jumped into crypto over 8 years ago while in high school, became more active in the DeFi around 2019, and I have been contributing to IC for almost a year now. I am a gold owl working within Growth/Partnerships and lead our DAO Treasury Relations Team.

The MGC should be staffed with individuals with a deep financial background. Considering many metagovernance proposals involve changing risk parameters or adding collateral types, I believe expertise in risk management is a mandatory qualification. More important than this is communication with partner protocols. I have consistent communications and deep relationships with almost every protocol listed in all of our indices.

Generally, I have been disappointed with the state of DeFi governance. There are countless metagov votes within DeFi. Often daily. In order to be more effective, I believe individual members need to be far more informed and also strive to educate the ecosystem. DeFi experts, like those within MGC, need to be more proactive in proposing collaborative change for DeFi. In order to do that, this group needs to be more serious about building partnerships and crafting proposals that can benefit the ecosystem and the INDEX token.

I look forward to the evolution of this council and am excited to continue building the future of France :slight_smile:


Nominations are closed and the MetaGovernance Committee election is now live on snapshot! Rank your chosen candidates here :point_down:
Snapshot link


GM All -

It saddens me to report that the voting method specified (2 candidate runoff) did not get us to the result we needed here (4/10 choices). We will be rerunning the election starting at 1800 UTC on 8 June '22 (approximately 23 hours from the time of this post). Given I’m a nominee, this was discussed within the Nest and a representative of the ICC, namely @afromac who graciously offered guidance in our decision to re-run the election. My deepest apologies for this oversight and I sincerely appreciate all affected voters. A link to the forthcoming election will be posted in a subsequent comment here.


I would like to take this opportunity to formally withdraw my nomination. At the time I submitted my nomination 1800 June 3 +UTC +12 there were only 5? other candidates. Since then a number of additional highly qualified candidates have presented themselves, I have no doubt the MCG will be an excellent team! Thank you to the people that supported my nomination simply by voting. All the best!


Since we are going to re-run the election I would like to write a few more words about my nomination;

I’ve joined Index Coop recently so most of you don’t know me as much as the others who have been contributing here for a while.

Regarding current circumstances such as operational runway not keeping pace with spending, the lack of general governance participation, issues with maintaining the direction (and other problems IC is facing right now but these are the most impactful on the general protocol’s functionality) Index Coop should 'let in fresh air’ into the project; let those who have new ideas, approaches, points of view.
I perceive myself as one of those, and I deserve to have a chance to prove myself.

I have a great knowledge about crypto/DeFi. I’ve been here since 2015. I’m trustworthy, communicative, hardworking, and reliable. I’m full-time DeFi— I’m willing to spend most of my daytime on developing IC as a MGC member.
I don’t have any conflict of interest; IC is the only DAO I engage with.

Meta-governance is the new narrative which can boost Index Coop position in DeFi. Curve Wars have shown us how powerful an idea of governance can be— and I would like to expand the idea of governance even further; to expand Index Coop’s metagovernance influence over the entire DeFi. To make it the most important crypto investment stewardship.
Potential is enormous, and I believe that with such great minds as mel.eth and Matthew Graham Index Coop can climb to the top of governance in the dGov world.

I commit myself to:

    1. Proudly represent the best IC’s interest in external governance.
    1. Improve metagovernance participation.
    1. Work on expanding IC’s influence on the entire decentralized ecosystem as the key governance entity (acquiring new assets, writing external-governance proposals, expanding awareness of Index Coop and its potential importance in DeFi)

If the community or other members of MGC would not be satisfied with my work I oblige myself to resign from the position without any recompensation.

*If it doesn’t breach the rules, I will post it also on Discord because I assume a larger part of the community isn’t even aware we are going through the MGC election. I kindly would advise other candidates to do the same.



Apologies to all who voted. As was stated above, the voting method selected was not ideal. And the vote will be rerun starting later today. A new election has been queued on snapshot. @lee0007’s nomination has been withdrawn as requested, and the link to @ELI5ofTLDR’s personal statement updated.

Snapshot link to new election


Congratulations to @funkmasterflex @ABertoG @Andrea81 and @Matthew_Graham for winning the election!

The full results can be found here.