IIP-102 Launch the Bankless DeFi Growth Index ($GMI)

IIP-102 Launch the Bankless DeFi Growth Index ($GMI) has passed DG1!

Results available here: Snapshot


Hi, it would be great if we can also have an ETF for Small cap, Midcap and large cap separately. No discretion on the part of Index coop in selecting the cryptos. It should solely be on the basis of ranking ng of Coin Marketcap & coingecko and as such… There won’t be any bias nor any partiality.

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Out of interest, in decreasing order of market cap the tokens are roughly …

  1. Top 10: wBTC to SAND
  2. Next 10: AAVE to KCS
  3. Next 10: COMP to LPT

… if we restrict ourselves to highly liquid, non-stablecoin, non-wrapped tokens (with the exception of wBTC).

Unfortunately if you take CMC as a methodologist you would be pushing stuff like
Also it is open to debate how the CMC Algo works for smaller cap tokens as they are not ranked off circulating supply.

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Hi Team,

We have finalized most of the commercial discussions with Bankless and Lemonade. We’re preparing for DG2 early next week and will provide an estimated launch date if DG2 is approved.


I was just going to ask the question about STAKING

Not shilling (you mention competitors anyway), I happened to be participating in indexed.finance and PieDAO forums, pretty much highlighting the same concern - to have an asset and not using it earning potential is a losing strategy.

OHM obviously should be staked, I cannot think of a game theory where not staking is winning.

(single-sided staking at 52%)

I like the convenience of having an index. But only if each underlying asset is working for me. If everything is staking and earning APR% then I’ll happily ape in :see_no_evil:


100% agree. I’d buy this index and would recommend it to others if I knew that the assets are working.

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Thank you for putting together IIP-102! Great job & really excited for the prospective launch of $GMI. As a suggestion though, I’d definitely weigh $VADER in. Seems like a perfect fit & I see enormous space for growth!

Quick shill: Vader Protocol combines (and improves) the ideas of Terra (Programmable Money), Ohm (Protocol Owned Liquidity), and Rune (Better LP incentives).

It’s still early & the existing InVader community is strong. Many ecosystem partnerships being set up that will benefit the protocol. $VADER tokenomics are designed to be deflationary, it’s a no-brainier. The counterpart stablecoin $USDV is yet to launch — in the coming weeks.

Would love to hear your thoughts too.

— A Bankless member

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