IIP-17 Token Terminal Index

Great discussion!

I agree that the shotgun approach seems not be the best way to do things at this point.
However, I don’t think that’s what we’re doing. The IC differentiates itself from other index providers by partnering with well-known entities of the ecosystem to co-launch products. All of them had a comprehensive methodology, marketing efforts or reach, high credibility etc. Some even bring their own clients and partners.
While competitors might use a shotgun approach, our strategy requires partners to have a clear and well thought-out product vision. Therefore, I think what we’re doing is quite the opposite of the shotgun approach.

As you point out, the possibility is tiny and I’d argue that the risk of having to compete with TTI outweighs the risk of loosing marketshare to our own product. We should grow the pie together, rather than competing over pieces.

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Hi all!

Thanks to all the voters in DG1, we look forward to moving TTI to DG2 in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we wanted to share a few minor updates:

  • We’re currently working on an update to the Token Terminal website. In the new version, we’ll include a separate dashboard that includes all products launched by the Coop. We want to support the Coop in the adoption of all its indexes, and illustrate the complementary value of a diverse product offering.

  • We’ve also recruited more developers to our team to make sure that enough resources are dedicated to the dashboard and the TTI (subject to it being launched).

Let us know if you have any questions.


A P/S index seems very niche. I can’t think of any off the top of my head in TradFi.

Although a very interesting idea, I believe the Coop should target the largest, most obvious opportunities at this stage in the lifecycle of both crypto indices and the Coop as an aspiring leader.

We could revisit niche products like this after we exhaust tier one, mass market opportunities.

Thank you everyone!

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Noting that this :point_up_2: was recently added to the IIP


An amazing discussion here especially to @snasps and @verto0912.

I would say they are somehow competing for the same audience and might eat some market share of DPI which is the product of IndexCoop. However, I believe, pros of offering TT index outweigh these cons, imo.

A question though, will TT offer this product to other index protocols, such as PieDAO, Index Finance, etc?

I think they have suggested (per below) that they will look to launch TTI elsewhere if it doesn’t get launched by the Coop for whatever reason.