IIP-72 Redirect FLI Revenue to Operations Account

Hi Set Labs,

Due to the delays in implementing this proposal. May Index Coop kindly request that the FLI products held in the Treasury be transferred to the Operations Account ?
Attn: @dylan, @puniaviision and @gregdocter.

The IIP passed in August. Over 4 months has passed and we are yet to implement this IIP. This is a tad concerning as not it is affecting day to day operations.


This transfer will be batched along with IIP-109 and IIP-114.

Implementation of this IIP has already begun, however like I mentioned above the base manager upgrades this requires are sensitive and must be executed perfectly. EWG has prioritized getting code reviews completed from Set on intrinsic productivity rebalances first. These should be up for review next.


All ETH2x-FLI + BTC2x-FLI have been transferred to the Operations account.


These manager upgrades to ETH2x-FLI and BTC2x-FLI have been completed. Any IC revenue accrued to ETH2x-FLI or BTC2x-FLI will be sent to the Operations account.


Thank you very much @dylan :slight_smile: