IIP:-166: Deprecate MNYe, GMI, FLI-P & DATA products

Thanks, just voted.

To add onto @Vitruvius and @omnifient point, the lack of demand isn’t from the products themselves. it’s a market wide lack of demand. Most folks with large stakes in ETH are currently validators. Illiquid.

Let’s not take the assumption of the poor market demand to the products. It’s ETH’s network that is causing this slow down, not us.

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IIP-166 has concluded and PASSED with 99.91% of the vote.

If you are a holder or liquidity provider of these products, please visit our blog post for further details and next steps.


wasn’t active in following Index for a while, and saw that GMI will be deprecated
all in all, probably not worth staying at this point, since community is against it

what is interesting to me is that I had it staked in liquidity mining, and saw that it cannot be redeemed from staking on website, so cannot redeem GMI as well, is there a way around it?

hi @cyclist, you can Unstake your GMI & claim any accrued index rewards at the link below.

We haven’t had any active liquidity mining since the GMI singe sided staking campaign expired in Q1 2022, so the liquidity mining page is not on the newest rebuild of our website, but you can access the legacy site below. The smart contracts remain unchanged.


thanks man
did an unstake

when is planned to have rebalance into a single asset?

GMI was rebalanced into USDC on 12/7. As you can see on etherscan, the GMI token is currently comprised of USDC.

The streaming fee has also been turned off for GMI and the other deprecated products.


At the end of 2022 support for the above structured products was formally withdrawn as scheduled.

As of 2nd Jan 2023 the outstanding status of these products is as follows:

Remaining product holders can redeem their holdings for the underlying balances at any time directly via etherscan (polyscan for FLI-Ps) or via https://legacyproducts.indexcoop.com

Users requiring any additional support should reach out via the community discord

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For users wishing to continue following the DATA and/or GMI related sectors the following approximate weights were observed shortly before deprecation.