Index for Layer2 Solutions

Layer 2 might get a lot of adoption in the coming months. There’s certainly push for it.

Might be interesting to get an index


Hi @coinfreak ! Welcome to the Index Coop! I’m really excited about L2 solutions and them getting general traction in the space but the newness of some of them may make it difficult to form an index.

Generally, to get an index up and running there’s a bunch of considerations including demand, competition, publicity possibilities and so on. There’s a doc on the subject on the Coop’s gitbook - Product Onboarding Process - Index Coop Community Handbook

Another possibility, just an idea, may be to lever Tokensets and see what can be done -

I see that this is your first post here. You’re welcome to attend a new joiners call in Tuesday 6pm UTC where the is an overview of the Coop and products, plus some info on how to get involved -

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I invite you read this previous discussion on the subject:


Thanks both!

This look perfect @trx314