INDEX Token Demand

Set and DeFi Pulse’s tokens are already vested over three years, you can find all the smart contracts for distributions in our docs Contract Addresses - Index Coop Docs

INDEX is simply a coupon/voucher which stakers and team members should redeem for another asset upon receipt.

I think you are confusing the INDEX token with DPI. DPI is redeemable for the underlying assets, INDEX is only used for governance of Index Coop products

forum discussions point toward value accrual models

If you are referring to the intrinsic yield conversations, those are specifically about DPI and providing value to our customers, not about INDEX token.

intended goal of “distributing INDEX widely.” I think what is meant by this is to make INDEX attractive as an asset to hold

What is meant is that we want more people involved with INDEX. Basically none of the core contributors talk of INDEX as an investable asset or something of value. Outside of liquidity mining and using INDEX as a backstop we barely even mention the price and only then because it’s part of specific programs that require it.

is there a plan to get DPI into CEXs

Yes we have many ongoing conversations with CEXs. You can join the weekly growth calls if you want the latest news.

why not commit to not selling tokens for one year?

Currently 100% of costs for operating Index Coop (development costs, servers, domain, security audits, etc.) are covered by Set Protocol team. It’s very reasonable to let them recoup those expenses.

There is already immense value in holding INDEX even if you only consider the meta-governance over DeFi protocols. Then consider our growing treasury for growth initiatives, controlling which assets go into the largest DeFi index product, and creating which awesome products we launch next. You’re only looking at “value” as money that goes to you, not as the ability to build things together.