IndexCoop To-Do list / Kanban board

Hi owls :owl:

It would be great if there is an official To-Do list of Indexcoop.
A Kanban board with 3 columns: “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”. Thats the simple version to start at.

Benefit: The community can easily keep track on Indexcoop iterations.

How do you think about it?

For example a picture of Notion app Kanban board.


i personally like the sound of this. sometimes the process of hunting down information can be a task of its own so obviously this would help with that.

notion makes the process of colaborating

in regards to development, it’d

jwhile u could also have a pretty positive impact-on the development process

this could also prove to have a pretty big imaact raging pretty impactful in regards to the devlopment process. we’d obvously have to have some sort
this could also have a very positive impact on the process of developing new featy. creau

new featrues would also elimielnatt we were to lebveage notion when partaking in development of any kind, then this would give us a platform

i definitely hold the belief that notion is an incredible tool

it would also be beneficial in regards to adding
if we were to track the the process of adding new features, then this


@s7rukk +++

this has been on my mind too – let’s make this happen!


I love Notion and we use it within the community.
Only downside here, which we’ve discovered in using it ourselves, is that there needs to be a hoster and then shared with others. There’s limits to the number of people you can share it with, otherwise it starts getting a bit more pricey.

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super helpful to know ^

Thanks for feedback!

I guess a simple table with 3 columns would do the job. Pretty sure there are plenty of Wordpress plugins or simple code snippets that can be embedded on the website.

Editing can be done by core team (founders, devs).

How is this for a MVP? Trello :point_right: Index Coop Epics

Please share specific feedback!

I’m focused on getting an MVP out the door that

  1. Takes no tech resources to implement
  2. Is easy for all community members to view
  3. makes it easy for all community members to know what is being worked on

Trello was simply easier to quickly get up/running compared to Notion.


Hi Greg,

Thats a good start and it does the job! Here is some feedback:

  • should be editable and updated by some core members
  • embedded on indexcoop website or forum (via API / some Plugin)
  • should fit the indexcoop design (logo, font, colours, etc)

these are fantastic suggestions :100:

re: design -->

If you set it up just look for an owl as a background. This is just a tool :slight_smile:

But we have to organise things here. I am going to loose track already.

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