Kickstarting An Educational Series

Hey Index community, Ben here from . is an education initiative which is endorsed and supported by the Ethereum Foundation and we are on a mission to help learners interested in blockchain technology get acquainted with important and useful projects in the field.

Index is certainly one of such projects, and we would like to take a vote to see if an educational series is something that the community would like and can potentially benefit from. If this is something that interest you, please also leave comments on topics/ areas you would like to see covered.

Hey Ben :wave: thanks for sharing!

Posting a few bits of info re: Skilltree for some added context

  • The very foundation of Skilltree is a certification system. Pretty much all other features and functions depend on certificates.
  • Exams are a pre-requisite to a well respected certificate.
  • The course is the fundamental element of Skilltree. Without a course, certificates would not make much sense.

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