Meta Governance in Support of Critical Infrastructure

For those that have been not following along on Crypto Twitter, there was a lot of discussion over the end of last week / this weekend (7/8/2021 - 7/12/2021) on the funding of core infrastructure teams, specifically GETH.

For those unaware, GETH (go-ethereum) is one of the official implementations of ethereum, and provides the node software used by an overwhelming number of nodes (GitHub - ethereum/go-ethereum: Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol).

There has been a lot of discussion on their relative lack of funding and whether or not DeFi protocols should be donating treasury tokens to client teams / other Ethereum core infrastructure.

While there has been some discussion in individual DAOs (specifically Uniswap and 1inch) it is my opinion that this should be an industry-wide discussion and IndexCoop has the ability to take leadership in this discussion and demonstrate the true meta-governance power of INDEX.

I want to temperature check the community to see if we should have our meta governance board/ambassadors advocate across the DPI portfolio for each DAO to back an industry-wide plan to fund ETH core infrastructure (beyond just GETH). As a major governance actor in the major protocols across the industry, we have a unique opportunity to advocate for a unified plan and demonstrate the power of INDEX ownership.

Hoping this starts a conversation about our role in active governance in protocols in general.


I agree with this sentiment generally, but think the conversation should be focused more broadly. How should DAOs support Ethereum clients generally? GETH will likely be the first client where the answer is applied, but it should not be the only one considered in these conversations.

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It is certainly diligent to be involved in the ecosystem as a supporter of core infrastructure. At first thoughts, there are many parties to involve, like, how would activities fit alongside Ethereum Foundation ecosystem support or core dev priorities and initiatives. A roundtable might be good, to avoid pulling in opposite directions.

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Hate to be that guy but how does this contribute to our Q3 priorities or North Stars?