Remote Work Reading

Figured I’d share this here because I didn’t know where else to put it.

A few years ago, I joined a company with no remote work policy, and I was out of town with a long commute. I was allowed to work remotely as long as the environment was secure and when it was necessary (AC repairman was at my home, etc), but I missed not having a commute.

I was cleaning up bookmarks today on my work laptop and came across these links. I used these as help in a successful pitch to my director and CEO to use me as an experimental case. Remote work, after all, is a good benefit for attracting talent so what did they have to lose by trying it out with me.

I’m posting these here because I figured this has a ton of overlap with the DAO and may help some of you get more comfortable or find better methods of doing things.

If you have any other insightful readings, do share!


Some short-form “reading” :slight_smile:


@0xModene - I found the two links very useful - thanks for sharing!

Some impt highlights I took away that others might also take from -

Make communication asynchronous where possible

Tailor how you communicate with the level of urgency/response needed

Preference towards making communication public (where possible post in community channels/groups rather than direct message so others can learn)

After having a meeting - write things down!

Don’t underestimate 1:1 communication

Prior to meetings have an agenda ready to go and shared with your audience

Foster an environment where people can self-service or self-learn

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