Airdrop $INDEX to strong handed $UNI community

Hi owls, I want to share an idea that came up to my head recently. My english is not the best and I am not sure if all formal criteria are met, but lets see if I am doing this right :slight_smile:

iip: tbd
title: Airdrop $INDEX to strong handed $UNI community
Author @s7rukk
Status: WIP
created: 2020-12-04

Simple Summary

Airdrop $100 USD worth of $INDEX tokens to $UNI holders that had at least 400 $UNI at snapshot date 2020-12-01.


Airdrops that are worth a reasonable equivalent in USD have the ability to create a lot of attention in the ethereum community. This can push the growth of the underlying project.

Why $UNI holders that have 400 $UNI?

  • The idea is that those people didn’t sell their $UNI airdrop so far and therefore to be strong handed people with some mid-long term perspective.

  • So the number of people who will just claim&dump the $INDEX airdrop might be lower among this target group.

  • Also the number of recipients will be on the lower side in order to not drain the $INDEX treasury too heavily.


  • Growing a decent share of awareness among the #crypto #ethereum #UNI community.
  • Make a lot of people learn about the Indexcoop and $INDEX token
  • Growth of higher distribution of $INDEX token.
  • Growth of new long term holders and community members


Do this airdrop.


Don’t do this airdrop.

  • Do this airdrop.

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  • Dont do this airdrop.

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Hey thanks for the proposal!
I’m removing the IIP-12 from the title here.
Once you’re ready to make an official IIP, please make a PR to the IIPS repo here:

More info on the IIP process is here:

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Feel free to add a poll at the end to start gauging sentiment


Don’t do this airdrop.

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Against: why would you reward uni holders, with index coop?

for me that I’m a holder not the advantage doing index farm is for whales

Nay -against. While I like the spirit of the idea, I disagree with handing UNI holders INDEX for free. Period. Let’s figure out another way to reward hodlers though.

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We already discussed airdrops in the Call For Growth Programs post and were generally against it

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I just thought it was a nice idea but it seems like most people dont.
Thats ok.

Thank you for the input though, I think all these different ideas in aspect and scale are only a good thing bro. More perspectives, make more solutions.

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How about just index users.