Bug in Index Coop's Discord Server

There is a bug in the Discord server that doesn’t allow a user to read any message in the Discord server even after they accept the Terms & Conditions.

Hi @rogueassasin, have you checked the #start-here channel and clicked on the owl emoji? That should have allowed access to the discord. If this is still not working, could you please let me know your discord handle? I will assign you the appropriate role to access all the channels.

My discord handle is 0xMitz#2837 :slight_smile:

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No Owl emoji in te “#start-here” chanel.

My Discord Handle is “Pratik_OnJuno#6365”

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I asked a friend to also check whether this issue was faced by me only or is it a general issue for all new users. It seems to be a general issue. So you would want to look into it too :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot for taking your time to send through this feedback. We are working on fixing this issue now.