DATA Index - Q3 2022 Announcements

About the DATA Index:

Web3 enables a new data economy. The Web3 Data Economy Index is an ecosystem of data-centric protocols and applications disrupting the data monopolies built in Big Tech. DATA provides exposure to the growth of the Web3 data economy in a single token.

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Paused Rebalances:

The upcoming Q3 2022 rebalance will be skipped. The composition of tokens within the DATA Index will not change in Q3 2022.

Discussions with the Index Coop Engineering and Product Working Group (@overanalyser , @edwardk, @afromac) and our our official IC representative (@DevOnDeFi ), determined that the costs of rebalancing outweigh the benefits to DATA holders due to recent market volatility and Index Coop still taking over ownership of the rebalancing process from Set Labs.

Methodology Update:

Token prices and market capitalization have declined materially over the past several months. As a consequence, the market capitalization criteria in the DATA Index is being reduced from $100m to $20m.