DeFi Pulse Index - January 2023 Rebalance

Hello everyone,

Scalara announces the results of the January 2023 rebalance of the DeFi Pulse Index:

The above index weightfactors and weights were calculated using prices and circulating supplies of all constituents as of January 26, 2023.

At the January 2023 index rebalance, one token was removed from the DeFi Pulse Index, resulting in 9 index constituents. REN was removed due to the projects’ continued decreased usage. At 1.55% as of determination time, REN was also the smallest token by weight in the index.

The two largest weight changes in the index were the capping of UNI and the weight increase of SNX. UNI’s 55% allocation under market cap weighting once again would have breached the allocation limit of 25% for any single constituent. The Flexible Capping rule moved its weight half the way from the current index weight to the 25% target to reduce turnover. The added weight in SNX was due to its increased circulating supply.
The total one-way turnover of the rebalancing is 3.7%.