Discussion - Metagovernance Fei Protocol's INDEX Holding

Discussion - Fei Protocol Metagovernance
Title: Discussion - Metagovernance Fei Protocol’s INDEX Holding
Author: Matthew Graham (@Matthew_Graham)
Created: 2021-09-07


To support this metagovernance committee initiative, it would be great for a small group of volunteers (1-3 people) from Index Coop and Fei Protocol to come together and support Fei Protocol’s snapshot for Index Coop votes. These individuals will need to provide context to the broader Fei Community and also try to realise any synergies/opportunities between the two communities. Contributors with exposure to growth and business development working growths are best placed to help integrate both communities.

Fei Protocol would like to be active within the Index Coop community and participate in Index Coop snapshot proposals with the 100,000 INDEX acquired earlier this quarter from DeFi Pulse. Currently, @Matthew_Graham is a temporary resource facilitating the Fei Protocol snapshot voting and then implementing this vote on behalf of TRIBE holders. The Fei Protocol’s metagovernance process is not yet fully defined and currently, is likely to follow a very similar process to how Index Coop votes with tokens held within DPI. The only difference is if Fei Protocol participates in every Index Coop vote or just relevant votes. Each time Fei Protocol’s INDEX tokens vote, it will reflect the TRIBE holder’s snapshot vote. With Fei Protocol launching a Grants process, there is an opportunity for the two communities to create a metagoverance committee that oversees all the INDEX snapshot votes.


To illustrate how the current process works, let’s consider the proposed FRAX listing on Aave V2.

We are currently going through this process with FRAX listing on Aave V2 and that will be the first trial using this approach. If one was to express interest in helping out, a team of 3 can probably expect to spend 10-15 hours each per month working on this initiative once it is set up and working smoothly.

Notes: The existing process has time constraints through 2 snapshot votes being a subset of another for time. So the challenges Index Coop faces may compound for the fei community. This may lead to some kind of metagoverance committee fall back option like what Index Coop has but any development like this will need to be driven from the Fei Community side.

As both communities scale and Fei Protocol acquires other strategic assets, the volume of Fei Protocol snapshot votes will increase. The Fei Protocol metagovernance committee will cover all Index Coop votes and potentially other metagovernance votes applicable to the PCV holdings.

Currently, Fei Protocol is offering grants and anyone interested in helping out on this proposal is encouraged to comment below and the be apart of the group that applies for a grant. This is an opportunity for the two communities to work more closely together.

The delegation of Fei Protocol’s INDEX votes to @Matthew_Graham is temporary and although any INDEX vote is to be reflective of TRIBE’s snapshot vote, if it is a concern these votes can be redelegated.

This forum post is intended to clearly articulate that Fei Protocol intends to vote on Index Coop snapshots, what the process currently is and also to recruit resources to help create a more sustainable and integrated process. This forum post also aims to clarify what is @Matthew_Graham’s role in all this.

If you would like to be a part of the metagovernance group that then applies for a grant from Fei Protocol please do comment below. If the nature of how these votes are delegated is an issue, please do comment on this post. If the delegate address is to be changed as a priority, please do say so in the comments as this can easily be changed.

Link to Fei’s forum: Discussion - Metagovernance Fei Protocol's INDEX Holding - Tribe


Thanks Matt. Interesting topic for sure. Meta-meta-meta-gov??!
Quick question. Is there any feasible automation options here that you are aware of in terms of through voting? Appreciate it would be an eng. lift if so, but I see this only increasing over time and given the amount of IIP’s we have the “ops lift” is obviously something to consider.


I think Index Coop can learn from Fei’s and Aave’s snapshot process. Both communities allow anyone who meets a certain holding requirement, >1K of TRIBE or 1 AAVE, to post snapshot votes. This is more inclusive of the broader community compared to the gate keeper process implemented at Index Coop.

I would suggest Index Coop learns from others and moves towards reducing barriers for proposing snapshot votes. This would socialise the admin burden placed on a select group and would create more community engagement.

I don’t think Fei wants to vote on everything, so the process is more like anyone who holds >1K TRIBE and wants to publish a snapshot can. The lift then becomes more around participating in both communities and providing context around the vote.


Hi @shawn16400,

I am resurfacing this post whereby 100,000 INDEX voting rights are delegated to myself on the condition that a snapshot vote is run on Tribe DAO snapshot before casting a vote.

With the recent proposal relating to Governance House, we are moving these votes away from myself to Governance House. This is more decentralized and can be likened to the MGC but with broader input from across the industry . I was hoping this transition away from myself towards a broader group would be something more inline with decentralization values.


Hey @Matthew_Graham just for clarity, the 100,000 INDEX will be delegated from you to Governance House. But the governance process to use said INDEX held by FEI will remain the same?