Does Index Coop Plan to offer a broad market index?

Does Index Coop have plans to offer a broad market index similar to the Alongside Crypto Market Index (AMKT) or bitwise? I recently came across the AMKT, which tracks the top 25 assets in the crypto market, and it got me thinking, would it be possible for Index Coop to create a similar product for a broader market?

Here is a screenshot of the AMKT methodology from the Alongside website; I think there are many assets there that arent in index products yet.

I believe that having total market exposure is crucial for me in building a well-rounded and diversified portfolio. A broad market index would give me the opportunity to gain exposure to different sectors and markets, which can help to balance out any potential losses in one area with gains in another. And not just that, having a comprehensive index to track all my investments would give me a better understanding of the overall market performance and trends, which is extremely important for me to make informed investment decisions.

I hope the team at Index Coop can consider this possibility, it would be amazing to have a reliable and comprehensive index that tracks the performance of a wide range of assets. It seems like a significant pitfall for a product that many investors would fund useful…


I believe @afromac has been thinking about this.

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Hey @rhodesjames

Welcome to the community and thanks for asking the question.

In short, the answer is yes - we are actively researching how to implement such a product on-chain. In terms of timeline to launch, nothing is planned yet, but when it is viable to do so I believe we will launch such a product.


See the previous proposal for MCAP here on the gov site, and this message.

Hey @rhodesjames - in case you missed it, we launched a large cap index - $ic21 - in partnership with in September of this year.

You can find more details about the product its forum post and via the dedicated Dune dashboard!

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