DPI Streaming Fees Returned to INDEX


0.95% is taken from the $DPI holders each year.

DeFi Pulse get 0.3% and INDEX coop get the other 0.65%.

At the moment all the DPI going to the coop goes into the main treasury. In the future we may decide to allocate it to $INDEX holders.


Hi all - I’m new to the community and came across this proposal. Excited to see fees being returned to INDEX holders. Now that this has been approved, how are timelines for implementation agreed upon and tracked?

I saw in the pinned IIP Contribution Process post that “In the early stages of Index Coop, approved IIPs will be executed via multisig where necessary. Otherwise, implementation of the IIP will vary on a case-by-case basis.” Would be great to learn more.

Thanks and looking forward to contributing.

Hi @otterpanda, this actually wasn’t approved. It was just a discussion (with a poll as a temperature check) and it never progressed towards an official IIP (Index Improvement Proposal). As such, we are not currently pursuing this initiative.

Ah OK appreciate the clarification. Misunderstood that this wasn’t linked back to a formal proposal yet. Still learning, hah.