IIP-184: Buyout DPI from Scalara

IIP: 184

Title: Buyout DPI from Scalara

Status: Final

Authors: @allan.g

Reviewers: @ChrisG @0x_Dev @jordan.t @anthonyb.eth

Created: 14 March 2024

Simple Summary

This proposal intends to update the fee split on DPI from 70% Index Coop / 30% Scalara to 100% Index Coop / 0% Scalara. In exchange, Scalara will receive 45,000 USDC. Index Coop and Scalara have agreed to these terms pending a successful IIP.


The DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) was launched in 2020 as the flagship product for Set Protocol V2 and Index Coop. Nearly three and a half years later, DPI has remained an integral part of Index Coop’s product portfolio, and it continues to be popular with new and legacy users. Since its launch, Scalara, formerly DeFi Pulse, has successfully served as the product’s methodologist.

This proposal seeks to buy out Scalara’s interest in DPI, with Index Coop maintaining the methodology for the product moving forward and receiving 100% of product revenue. If this proposal passes, DPI will continue to operate, as it historically has, as the DeFi Pulse Index on Set Protocol V2. However, if DPI is migrated to a new token in the future (similar to the legacy FLI tokens), Index Coop and Scalara have agreed that the new token will not use DeFi Pulse branding. Any future migration plans for DPI will be detailed in a proposal similar to the legacy FLIs and open for an extensive comment period. Migration proposals and any changes to the existing DPI methodology must also be voted on by $INDEX holders to be ratified.

Scalara has agreed to a one-time payment of 45,000 USDC in exchange for its interest in DPI.



FOR: DO buy Scalara’s interest in DPI

AGAINST: DO NOT buy Scalara’s interest in DPI


FOR. And wish Scalara all the best


The Snapshot proposal for buying out Scalara’s interest in DPI is open for voting.

If you are an $INDEX holder, you are encouraged to cast your vote!


The snapshot vote has closed in favor of buying out Scalara’s interest in DPI!

Index Coop and Scalara will proceed with the transfer of the methodologist role and the respective payment.