FLI COMP Rewards - Fee Rebate

There is roughly 50K in COMP rewards waiting to be claimed in the ETH2X-FLI.

I know there is a backlog of development work, and farming the COMP maybe complex, but I had an alternative idea that could assist in also diversifying the INDEX treasury. Fee rebate.

Every X months, the COMP could be claimed and put into an escrow contract. Pulse and/or IndexCoop would have the option of putting up FLI tokens they have obtained via streaming fees (at the exchange rate of when the COMP tokens were claimed +/- X%). If put up within 24 hours, the tokens are swapped and the FLI tokens are burned (fee rebate). Else the COMP is farmed for the FLI position.

An early proposal that obviously needs refinement, but would love some community feedback, especially from the treasury team.