How to use ETH for email

During a conversation with a friend, what is an ETH address I mentioned it is a label like an email. The reply was, can I use ETH for email?

The answer is YES. I tried it:

  • Open your MetaMask Wallet
  • Go to the menu, and select Browser
  • Go to the website:
  • Login with your wallet
  • You can open the folder, which includes Sent and Inbox
  • At the menu within the ethmail you can select Compose to write an email
    The From line will be already display your ETH address, you add your destination email and Subject as well as you email text
  • A click on Send will send the email to the destination
  • You also can reply (both ways)

Supported email addresses

  • [ETH address]
  • [ENS name]
  • [UnstoppableDomain]

more information you can get here



Free plan is available for all Ethereum addresses and is enabled by default.


  • Storage: 50MB
  • Sending Limit: 20 messages per day
  • Send only with [email protected]
  • Receive emails with your ENS and .crypto based addresses
  • 45 days of message retention
  • Price: Free

I am scratching my head, how we could use that in IC?

The benefits are clear:

  • You have already a MetaMask (or other ETH wallet)
  • You do not need to remember a login and password, your wallet does
  • You are sure you write to the correct receiver
  • Your space is enough for 45 days, and frankly I like that it will be deleted
  • You will never give your wallet to somebody else, the email is always from you

If you want a test, you can write to me: [email protected] and I’ll write back.


It’s cool, but to be honest I feel very wary about things like this.

I don’t think email should ever be tied to a wallet – that “connect to wallet” button is very risky, and email should just that: sending and receiving information, without it being tied to money at all. Some things are better web 2.0-style, and I believe email is one of those things.

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I disagree!

I see that as a way of send an email like registered, and very likely to the intended person. Nobody would give his wallet to another person to read / write emails.