IIP 12 - DPI liquidity mining #3

Here’s a bit updated version for INDEX trading volume:

So far it seems that some of the volume migrated to Sushi, and the share is now at ~50/50. Still far from efficient, interesting to see how that would play out in the next months.

The volume for DPI/ETH follows liquidity much more closely, as I’ve shared in other thread. Overwhelming majority is traded at Uni:

Why the difference in behavior? Have to do a closer analysis to understand, but a quick guess would be inertia. Uni historically has been the primary market for both DPI and INDEX. Sushi liquidity was basically 0 up until 2021. Now with Onsen, liquidity on Sushi quickly grew, but traders got used to Uni. That’d be another interesting point to consider when modelling/changing liquidity mining.


thanks for the charts :+1:

Agree with that. People are still asking in Discord when we are going to increase liquidity on the ETH-INDEX Uniswap pair, without realising that there’s a lot of Sushi liquidity out there. Glad it has moved to Sushi somewhat at least, probably will continue to migrate as more people discover the Sushi pool, at least until Onsen ends.

This might be crazy, but is there a market for DPI:ETH LP tokens… trying to save dat gas

I feel you on the gas prices, I’m slowly unwinding some positions until I get to those I’m happy with long term.

I’m not aware of any market for the LP tokens and I think it’s unlikely as the market + fees would eat into the costs compared to withdrawing from UNISWAP.

I think sushi have a LP migration tool. but you just change to a different pool for the same tokens.

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After long consideration, I decided to take the tax hit and start providing liquidity to the ETH/DPI pair. I do not have the energy to sell my INDEX, so please do your best team to make them appreciate in value. Much love, Uncle.