IIP-15 Metaverse Index

@kermankohli do you mean liquidity incentives? basically that if more $INDEX is distributed as incentives for $MVI it might dilute the value for existing tokenholders? although I don’t see how that relates to the demand for $MVI.

My view is that this is not a problem. We haven’t discussed incentives for $MVI. There might be some, but there’s also a chance we will let this grow organically in the beginning, given limited underlying liquidity.

At the same time, incentives for DPI are being continuously reduced. Generally speaking, I’m not sure if the market perceives liquidity mining incentives (especially if they are leading to higher revenue down the line) as a negative at this point of the cycle.

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Should liquidity on L2 also be taken into account? Most NFT projects will move there, if not already. GHST has launched on Polygon, liquidity on Quickswap (QuickSwap Info) is 10x the liquidity on Uniswap (Uniswap Info]

Think this is a great idea. I am an owner of some $MEME but it seems tough to bring that coin onto an index without first reaching out to Jordan Lyall and seeing if we would be able to stake MVI for pineapples based on the amount of underlying meme MVI holders own.


Thats an interesting thought, staking in MEME could be sweet.

Agreed, but I think it’s important to make the staking only based on the actual underlying amount of each token you have. So X amount of MVI has 1 meme, then 5X is the maximum MVI that can be staked for the 5 MEME maximum. I could also see that counter that this is not useful since MEME would be one of the smallest tokens in the pool.

Could also see the same being said for $WHALE. If the MVI index holds say 1-2k whale, then we would be constantly earning whale as part of the community liquidity providing rewards on the WHALE discord. Is there anyway we could pay these rewards out to potential MVI holders?

Apologies if this was already addressed. New to helping out here and these are just what immediately came to mind.

If this goes through, then it’s going to be the second index after DeFi Pulse Index by us?

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Wow, it’s only been two weeks but I think everything on here has at least a +4x marketcap, and more than 4x liquidity increase.

My FOMO on making this index is real :smiley:


yeah, that screen is from early Jan or December actually. So it’s not even the last screen we ran… it would include many more tokens now, given market caps have blown out.

Right now, a few other proposals are further down the funnel, including:


Is this a resource allocation discussion ?

If so, given how time sensitive this is, how we are loosing market position as we progress at our current rate and the straight forward nature of the strategy relative to DPI, would it not make sense to push through the low hanging fruit.

I can’t help but think Index Coop is loosing market position in a hot space whilst developing less time sensitive products like FLI. Once capital is added to a NFT index is less likely to migrate to another NFT index compared too fresh capital in flows.

Could IC put something on SET, like BED and then get behind it fully. We need to suck in the capital flows which are currently going to competitors. Ref. the 4x price movements and multiple competitors emerging.


I agree with the timing point by @Matthew_Graham - I think we should try and launch this ASAP. Or at least a Set first. Look at the traction and buzz NFTX is generating. If 2020 was the year of DeFI, 2021 is shaping up to be at least partly the year of NFTs and meta assets!

Can the Sets crew provide their thoughts please? Seems, after any hardening of methodology, access to engineers is the key issue here. @dylan @puniaviision. Would love to know your thoughts - and if there’s appetite to build this, when we should think about it in the year, etc. :pray:

FYI look at this new section on CMC: Top NFTs & Collectibles Tokens by Market Capitalization | CoinMarketCap .That’s more market validation signal.


I am plain new to NFT, haven’t owned one apart from Cryptokitties. How do we index NFTs? Or do you say NFT tokens like MANA, ENJ, FLOW etc?

More likely 4th after $CGI and $FLI.

How do you think about adding $FLOW today? I think it’s a critical token people expect to be in such an Index.
If there is too low dex liquidity, is there a way to provide this liquidity by Index Coop/ set?

FLOW is not ERC-20 and therefore doesn’t have any DEX liquidity. It also doesn’t currently meet the 3 months inclusion criteria. If there’s an ERC-20 wrapper down the line we can certainly consider adding it.

We’re kind of late to the party, but I actually launched a NFT Platform Index under the Homebrew.Finance banner. We’re calling it $MUG, (as in collectibles.)

We’re basically doing a market cap weighted allocation for now, we launched with a modest $30k on Feb 20th, and we’ll be liquidating our positions on March 20th to allow additional issuances. I’ve been spending a good deal of time on the SetProtocol Discord, so you can pop in there to hit me up if you wanna chat. Homebrew has a Discord as well.

Right now I’m managing the set, but the plan is to move to a DAO-based organization. I’ve got plans to deploy other sets as well, like a BED-type Set or, once SetProtocol launches the staking/farming modules, to do more actively managed yield-chasing opportunities. I’m also hoping to work with the team in some capacity.

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Hey guys, I don’t see $muse in the proposed index but it’s I think a real bluechip. What do you guys think?

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The latest portfolio has about 3.5% allocation to MUSE. The above portfolio allocation is from early January, based on December data so quite outdated at this point.