IIP-158 Update Multi-sig structures and signers

IIP: 158

Title: Update Investment Account Multisig & Operations Account Multi-Sig

Status: Proposed

Author: @Finance.Nest and Index Council

Simple Summary

This proposal seeks to the following:

  1. Change the Operations Accounts Gnosis Safe to a 3 of 9 from a 3 of 11 by removing two signers due to personnel restructuring.
  2. Modify the signers on the Investment Account Gnosis Safe due to personnel restructuring.

Operations Accounts

Mainnet Operations Account: 0xFafd604d1CC8b6B3B6CC859cF80Fd902972371C1

Mainnet POL Account: 0x3a36b94689f303aAf9BFE761068Efb8F78912023

Polygon Operations Account: 0xDECC5b013C74d8d3cEf1F8918768DDa17490B505

Optimism Operations POL Account: 0xA047F6900FeE0b6195088a49009eA65365f7DD68

Investment Account

Mainnet Investment Account: eth:0x462A63D4405A6462b157341A78Fd1baBfD3F8065


The Operations Account multi-sig is currently a 3 of 11 wallet which was most recently updated in IIP-151. @prairiefi and @Matthew_Graham will be removed as signers and the multi-sig wallet will become a 3 of 9.

The Investment Account multi-sig is a 4 of 9 wallet which was most recently updated in IIP-155. @Matthew_Graham will be replaced by @afromac.


It is standard practice to remove individuals who are no longer contributors at Index Coop as signers on the multi-sig wallets.


Modify the Operations Account:

The new signer structure will be

Location Operations Account
North America Anthony
Europe Afromac
Europe MrMadila
North America Oneski22
APAC Bradwmorris
North America Theyoungcrews
Europe Hammad
Europe Elliott (WFM LTD)

Modify the Investment Account:

Location Investment Account
North America anthonyb.eth
North America Allan.g
Europe Elliott (WFM LTD)
Europe Afromac
Europe MrMadila
North America FunkmasterFlex
North America oneski22
Europe Hammad1412
APAC sidhemraj



DO Remove @prairiefi and @Matthew_Graham from the Operations Accounts and change from a 3 of 11 to a 3 of 9 AND remove @Matthew_Graham and add @afromac to the Investment Account.


DO NOT change the existing arrangement.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0


This has been queued to go live at 12:00 UTC tomorrow. Snapshot

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For the purposes of completeness and transparency my duties as a multi-sig signer will be carried out under the umbrella of my LLC (WFM LTD). This will be the case for all current and future multi-sigs.