IIP-183: Introducing the Index Coop Advisor Program

IIP: 183
Title: Index Coop Advisor Program: Accelerating Index Coop’s Community and Growth
Status: Final
Author(s): @jordan.t @TheYoungCrews
Reviewer(s): @dev
Created: 2024-02-07

Introducing Index Coop’s new advisor program, an initiative designed to build a close network of highly influential individuals across crypto, finance and web3. These advisors will play a critical role in promoting our products, contributing strategic insights to the organization, and helping shape the future of Index Coop.


The advisor program, scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2024, aims to assemble a diverse group of 5-10 individuals to promote Index Coop products and integrations, garner valuable strategic insights, and enhance our market presence and community engagement. Supporting this initiative is a 1% (100,000 units) pool of INDEX from the Index Coop treasury to be allocated through vesting contracts, with an additional .25% (25,000 units) INDEX unlocked bi-yearly for two years (2% in total).

In our search for the right partners, we are focussing on alignment with our organizational vision and program expectations, and will take as much time as necessary to build the ideal team. The program will be overseen by Index Coop Partnerships team, but will draw on the expertise and input from contributors across the Index Coop community. This collaborative approach ensures a broad, well-rounded perspective in guiding the program to success.


With the tailwinds from the Bitcoin ETF and an improving macro environment, we believe now is a critical time for Index Coop, and onboarding a select group of key opinion leaders and advisors could help the organization:

  • Offer different perspectives and bridge knowledge gaps faster and more efficiently
  • Boost our product marketing reach and community vibrancy
  • Increase the hit rate and reach of our integration and listing efforts
  • Increase brand legitimacy amongst our target audience

This program is part of a renewed effort from Index Coop to double down on product reach and community engagement.

Potential Advisor Personas

We are targeting diverse personas, each bringing unique strengths and perspectives to our program.

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): Influencers and thought leaders in investing and crypto. They’ll extend our product marketing reach and bring our products to a broader audience across various regions, languages and backgrounds.
  • Fintech Leaders: Individuals with a track record in creating successful fintech platforms, providing valuable product advice and strategic input.
  • DeFi Builders: Innovators and developers in the DeFi space, offering insights on building effective and user-friendly DeFi products and services.
  • DeFi Investors: Groups or individuals with significant influence in the DeFi investment space, who have used or are likely to use our products. Their networks and knowledge are critical for attracting large-scale purchasers.


Expectations will vary depending on the individual’s expertise and experience, and will be mutually agreed upon during the discovery process. However, some areas of focus will be:

  • Creating and disseminating content that showcases the value of Index Coop products
  • Engaging with our community across various platforms and events
  • Endorsing our products in alignment with their audience and personal brand
  • Utilizing their networks to introduce new purchasers and opportunities to Index Coop
  • Taking time to share opinions and provide strategic insights to the Coop

Fundamental to the program’s success is unwavering advocacy and belief in Index Coop’s Thesis, which states that all value that can be tokenized will be, and will be managed onchain, and Mission, which states that Index Coop will be the management layer for onchain value.

Defining Success and Monitoring

The program will be a success if our advisors lead to an increase in net dollar flow into our products, mainly via the facilitation of new opportunities across integrations and media, direct attribution to product engagement through social media campaigns, or meaningful advice that creates positive change.

Index Coop, led by the Partnerships team, will regularly assess performance against our expectations and objectives, ready to adapt based on feedback, trends, and community insights. At any point, both parties have the right to exit the program, reneging the vesting contract and returning INDEX back to the treasury account.


FOR: Unlock 1% (100,000 units) INDEX from Index Coop’s Treasury to facilitate the program, and an additional .25% (25,000 units) bi-yearly for two years (2% in total).

  • Vote passes: 100,000 INDEX unlocked
  • Vote passes + 6 months: 25,000 INDEX unlocked
  • Vote passes + 12 months: 25,000 INDEX unlocked
  • Vote passes + 18 months: 25,000 INDEX unlocked
  • Vote passes + 24 months: 25,000 INDEX unlocked

AGAINST: No action taken


Dear @jordan.t and @TheYoungCrews,

I am writing to express my strong interest in becoming an advisor for Index Coop’s new advisor program. As someone deeply passionate about crypto, finance, and web3, I am eager to contribute strategic insights and help shape the future of Index Coop.

With a background in software development and blockchain, I believe I can offer valuable perspectives. My experience aligns with the program’s goals of boosting product marketing reach, enhancing community engagement, and increasing brand legitimacy. Furthermore, I am committed to unwavering advocacy and belief in Index Coop’s Thesis and Mission.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to create and disseminate content showcasing the value of Index Coop products, engaging with the community across various platforms and events, and utilizing my network to introduce new opportunities to Index Coop. I am confident that my background and expertise can contribute to the success of the program.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my potential involvement further and explore how my skills and experience can add significant value to Index Coop as an advisor.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Sincerely, Pavel Fedotov

Elected member of ArbitrumDAO Mini-Grants Council

Founder of Pin Save - decentralized Pinterest. The dApp is currently in Mina Navigators program at least until April 2024. RetroPGF 3 recipient and we are also planning to apply for optimism retroPGF 4.

Mentor at Mina ZkIgnite 2 cohort, that receive funding from the 500k USDC and 500k MINA tokens grant pool.


Hey @jordan.t and @TheYoungCrews,

I’d love to contribute to the growth and success of Index Coop, which is why I’m expressing my interest in becoming an advisor to the team through this program.


My background is in marketing where I have worked with two leading companies in our industry over the past 3 years: Currently, Nansen, the data analytics platform, and Argent, the smart contract wallet for all things crypto.

I have a proven track record of success, having substantially grown the social media channels of these companies, developed a strong crypto native tone of voice, and increased mind share through various brand and product campaigns.

Some of my successes include: Launching a newsletter for Argent (150k+ readers), the first onchain giveaway on Starknet (40k+ entrants), and writing engaging content that was amplified by key figures within our industry like Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun, and CZ, or published in leading news outlets like Fortune and Bloomberg.

While I am a marketer by trade, my impact goes beyond this sector, as I’m highly opinionated about product and the industry that we work in. For these reasons, I feel confident that I can add value to Index Coop.

But why Index Coop?

Before I got my break within the industry, I started writing about products that interested me and would accelerate crypto to the masses. Index Coop’s DPI was my very first piece. DeFi, without the complications. It just made sense. And in 2024, the need for these products couldn’t be greater.

I am eager to further discuss my possible contribution and explore how my expertise and skills can significantly benefit Index Coop as an advisor.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Edward Wilson

  • LinkedIn: Edward Wilson
  • Twitter/ X: @edwardcwilson
  • English native speaker, no other language skills
  • Besides my current role at Nansen, I have no other time commitments

The snapshot vote for funding the Advisor Program is currently active.

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Made an X post https://x.com/pfedprog/status/1762791001377128674?s=20

I also got 13 million in $arb votes for procurement committee in Arbitrum DAO.

I am currently in an election for the position of DAO Advocate. Here is my presentation to arbitrum community if you are curious Pavel 's Application ARDC - Google Slides