IIP-35 ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #4

iip: 35
title: ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #4
status: Proposed
author: Richard (@richard)
created: 2021-04-22

Simple Summary

Update max trade size from 600 ETH to 400 ETH


Adjust the following parameters on the ETH2x-FLI:
Lower max trade size from 600 ETH to 400 ETH.


The ETH2x-FLI product has several parameters that can be updated through governance. For more information on frequently updated parameters, view this page. The max trade size is the maximum amount of collateral asset allowed to be exchanged in a single transaction. The rebalance will be broken down across multiple transactions if the total rebalance notional is above the max trade size parameter.

Since the initial launch of ETH2x-FLI, ETH price has increased significantly while liquidity on DEXs have generally stayed the same. To target a 0.5% price impact per trade and keep market impact minimal on trades, we want to lower the max trade size to 400 ETH.


  • Lower ETH-FLI max trade size from 600 ETH to 400 ETH


  • Do not ETH-FLI lower max trade size.


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