IIP-64: Methodologist Smart Contract Permissioning

@Etienne apologies for the delay. I have been trying to coordinate with EWG on this. I will get an answer and revert to you today.


Hey folks, sorry for the delay. This smart contract upgrade turned out to be a heavier lift than expected since we’re dealing with sensitive material that must be executed perfectly. The deployment scripts have been raised for review with Set but they are currently reviewing other higher priority items (e.g. intrinsic productivity) to enable new product launches

You can get a sense of the scope of work here: IIP-72 & IIP-64 Manager Upgrades - Google Docs


Hey @dylan seeing as the manager upgrades for the FLI products have been completed, are there any updates in relation to this IIP?

Manager upgrades have been completed for FLI products, but DPI/MVI & BED still have not been upgraded. This work is being scheduled

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