IIP-67: Delegate UNI to Flipside for Community-Enabled Analytics

I generally agree with @scott_lew_is 's comments.

Just to confirm - when we say “Index Coop controlled UNI tokens”, are we referring to the UNI that’s held in the DPI contract, or are we referring to UNI that the Index Treasury controls, e.g. through Treasury-controlled DPI?

It’s one thing if we’re using INDEX votes to delegate UNI that our treasury controls, and quite another to use INDEX to delegate UNI that our users have entrusted us with in our index products. In general, index products have a premise of neutrality, whereas this proposal is extremely non-neutral.

I actually find it generally uncomfortable to conduct metagovernance with tokens that we don’t actually own. Theoretically, our users are the ones who own the governance tokens, just wrapped up in a neat bundle.

IMO, the right way to do metagovernance for assets that are under our management is to pass the voting power directly back to the users who own the DPI, or the MVI, or whatever. The pass-through of governance ability is something that’s not possible in TradFi, and so tradfi fund managers wield outsize voting power, but it is possible in DeFi. This kind of neutrality is something we should aspire to, and I would prefer that we do not make a centralized power grab for the voting power that is not rightfully ours.

Obviously if we’re only delegating UNI tokens in the Index Coop treasury, that’s a whole 'nother thing entirely and i’m totally for that.


I believe it’s “UNI that’s held in the DPI contract”

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@gregdocter @Pepperoni_Joe With the IIP passage, who in the Coop can help execute the delegation?

Edit: Disregard. Found coverage here.

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Noting here that Flipside have confirmed that they will not be seeking any further action in relation to this IIP. Additional discussion/context here.

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