IIP-80: Meta Governance Proposals [MGP] Process

thanks for taking the time to share this :pray:


Really appreciate this reply and insight, thank you. I hope you can continue to take part in the forum and that meta governance becomes an ever greater IC strength.


Thanks a lot for clarifying and providing this insight!
Great to hear that we’re aligned on the overall goal of IIP-80. As David mentioned above, we’ll discuss the proposed changes in a call, and aim to do a vote early next week.
Feel free to contact us if there are any additional open points regarding this proposal.


We have edited IIP-80 to reflect the new community consensus.

There is a change of passing threshold for MGP’s, from 80% FOR, to 66% (2/3) FOR.

Formally requesting a vote this Monday @sixtykeys @Pepperoni_Joe @mel.eth


In general, I’m aligned with this proposal. Meta-governance has value and I am sure there will be more requests to lend Index’s governance to create proposals. I just have a couple questions:

  1. Has anyone taken a look at Votium which, at first blush, appears to be an effort to purchase Convex governance? They rather bluntly state that you’ll receive “bribes” from delegating your governance rights.

  2. Why stop at Metagovernance proposals? In other words, shouldn’t Index be allowed to lend its influence (for a fee) on other governance issues?

  3. What are the checks and balances (if any) on waiving the 2.0 Eth fee? I understand that there must be disclosure, but what prevents the committee from proposing a waiver and then secretly soliciting a smaller payment that benefits only them? Casting no aspersions with this question. I’m just wondering if it’s been discussed.


Hi @laramie addressing the last point specifically, the Fee waiver is decided prior to the MGP vote, so if INDEX holders disagree with the decision they can still reject.

Friendly reminder that we are still below quorum!


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Hey @HeyChristopher as indicated above, we did another round of feedback and agreed on the adjusted quorum numbers. The new proposal is currently live and it would be great to have 1kx participating in the vote.
Let us know if there are any questions, thanks!

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Confirming that this IIP has failed on second submission. The snapshot failed to meet its quorum requirements.
Quorum required was 208,312 INDEX and only 121,703 INDEX voted, with 99.94% FOR.
Snapshot here