IIP-XX - Two Product DPI Intrinsic Productivity

iip: XX
title: Two Product DPI Intrinsic Productivity
status: Proposed
author: Kiba Gateaux (@kiba)
created: 2021-04-01


After IIP-29 DG1 vote and community feedback on calls and 1 vs 2 product solution RFC it seems the best solution for everyone in the coop is having two separate index products for Intrinsic Productivity to preserve DPIs market potential. The a second product / Set token will follow DPI methodology and puts assets to work underneath. Same fees and fees split as DPI.

Moving this to a new IIP to make it clear that the change has occurred since it’s fairly major

  • Yes - DPI Intrinsic Productivity
  • No - Do Nothing

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ooo a contentious vote, looking good


Putting on my “IIP Editor” hat :nerd_face:

If you expect this to actually turn into an IIP that eventually reaches Snapshot, do please
use the proposal template here: Gitbook-IIP Template

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It’s IIIP-29 except exactly one line is changing. Just seemed like overkill to copy paste everything again but can do it if necessary.

Yup, it is necessary to ensure clarity & understanding for all $INDEX voters.

Thanks for the flexibility :raised_hands:


Agreed. I like putting a Summary section of what has changed at the top too. @Kiba fyi