INDEX as a TCR token?

This is a purely hypothetical post and only because INDEX is a completely useless token so why not imagine?

If you haven’t heard of TCRs yet it’s because they don’t really work and are highly susceptible to collusion and manipulation. It would be interesting to use them as a direct staking mechanism for adding/removing tokens to indexes. It doesn’t necessarily take away the methodologist role because someone still has to propose/challenge tokens on the list so it’s more of a decentralization aspect by making the role an open market vs a single keeper. Bad methodologists get penalized for adding bad tokens, good ones for having their suggested tokens added. You could layer a bunch of stuff on top of this like how distribute streaming fees based on INDEX staked to an index or what % of components in an index you proposed, etc.

Besides the collusion aspects, using TCRs makes indexes more susceptible to short-term fads since tokens can be added/removed by anyone at anytime but I guess we could program a timelock so any index changes take X weeks to go into effect.

This is a terrible idea and should not be considered at all, just shitstorming trying to think how INDEX tokens could actually be used for something useful and not just dividend payments. TCRs have no proven track record in production cryptoeconomic system as far as I’m aware.