Index Coop Invites Market Makers To Partnership Talks

Reviewers: @jordan.t @anthonyb.eth @MrMadila @afromac.

Index Coop has enjoyed a valuable relationship with Wintermute over the last year plus - the genesis of the relationship beginning here. Wintermute has been our primary market maker since and this relationship has helped Index Coop list its governance token and products at centralized exchanges and also helped enable liquidity for our governance token and some products. Wintermute’s venture arm also holds an $INDEX position - participating in our Treasury Diversification round in ‘21.

However, now we’re in a new market cycle, past our agreement term end dates with Wintermute, with larger institutional partners looking to work with Index Coop (with greater market making thresholds to meet), it is in the interests of token holders to take a fresh look at our market making.

Thus, we invite crypto market makers to connect with us to join partnership talks. We aim to learn:

  1. Partnership ideas generally and a range of commercial terms
  2. Which potential market making partners are best placed to help us secure larger scale institutional partnerships

The high level goals of market making at Index Coop are:

  1. Enable provision of sufficient liquidity for $INDEX and relevant products
  2. Enable meeting of diligence requirements of large institutional partners who require a number of associated, reputable market makers

More detail can be discussed in talks. We look forward to hearing from market makers via the email link above.

Thank you.


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