June Rebalance DeFi Pulse Index

Objective of the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI):

The DeFi Pulse Index is a digital asset index designed to track tokens’ performance within the Decentralized Finance industry. The index is weighted based on the value of each token’s market capitalization. Please see Pulse.inc for more details on methodology.

DPI Rebalance Weights:

Rebalance summary:

The above weights were set based on circulating supply as of 6-21-2021.

DPI has increased its weighted allocations of all assets expect $UNI which has hit our asset cap allocation

Additionally, the DeFi Pulse index (DPI) has a new asset being added this month! BADGER joins the list of included assets with an allocation of 0.63%, BADGER is the 15th asset to be added to DPI.


If this rebalance summary has been corrected (i.e., no Badger, https://twitter.com/indexcoop/status/1408521932409036804?s=20), can we post the corrected rebalance summary here for clarity?

I believe that the correction was due to the indexcoop Twitter account implying that the rebalance has happened.

The Methodologist (DeFi Pulse) calculates and then publishes the new weights (see above - which are unchanged).

The rebalance transactions will take place on the first working day of the next month (i.e. 1st July 2021)

So, we know Badger will be in DPI soon, but it has not been purchased yet.

[Baiscally the Twitter said “This has happened” when it should have said: “This will happen”. ]

Got it, I wasn’t appreciating the distinction between the rebalance and effecting the rebalance within DPI (ie, actually making the transactions). It might be useful to add a line to these monthly posts just stating “the rebalance will be reflected within DPI as of [July 1]” so there’s no confusion.