KyberDAO - September Governance Report


This post serves to inform the community about my engagements with KyberDAO in my Kyber ambassador role for the Coop. To get more of an idea on what my role will be like and what the community can expect from me as a protocol ambassador read my introduction here.

Kyber Network Governance & Metagovernance

To read more about how Kyber Governance works, read my report of last month here It also goes into potential metagovernance.

Kyber Governance Updates and Proposals

As part of my role as ambassador I have been actively following Kyber updates and have stayed in touch with the Kyber team. There has been no community call this month. I will briefly summarize the updates and proposals currently happening within the KyberDAO.

The main updates within Kyber this month all revolve around liquidity mining, both on existing chains and with existing projects, as on new chains. Last month the KyberDAO voted on expanding towards Avalanche and BSC, and both have become a reality this month! Acting fast on those moves, I must say.

This month saw four governance votes, KIP-14 till KIP-16, all of which were related to liquidity mining. There are no active proposals live at this moment.

The discussion around blacklisting Binance for voting has not resulted in an actual active proposal.

Kyber Treasury Diversification with DPI

After much back and forth with the Kyber team and internally with multiple Owls, the proposal for Kyber diversification has been put up on their forum and in their Discord-gov channel. Some active discussion erupted straight after posting, with primarily one counter argument of not buying, due to DPI holding UNI and SUSHI (competitors) in a higher weight than KNC. @miza did an excellent job in engaging and answering concerns, and I would invite all Owls to come join the conversation and show the Kyber folks how alive our community is!

DPI Listing on Kyber DMM

In regards to DPI listing, it seems all details have been discussed within the created telegram group, all is ready, Index just has to pull the trigger. From what I understand, the one with the know-how simply does not have the bandwidth to act upon it. Hopefully this can be picked up again soon.


The ambassador program is still new and I would love to hear input or feedback from the community. Hopefully the work that is being done so far is being appreciated of course. I am putting my contacts and skills to work, however, the direction of this push should be decided upon by the whole Coop. So let me know your thoughts!


Hey @Zeb thanks for posting an update!

And yes as you mentioned, please feel free to comment on their forum. Would like to keep the discussion there going.

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