Loopring liquidity incentives

Will these incentives continue? There was great liquidity for the DPI-ETH pool thanks to INDEX rewards over the last weeks but these have now ended leaving the API around 1.5%.

Hello? Does anyone read these topics here? It’d be great if the team was a bit more communicative about the future of LM rewards.

hi @AstronautThis. I think that as a community, we are very supportive of Loopring and L2 liquidity. At the same time, because the programs are 14-days each, we just don’t have the time to discuss extensions on a such high-frequency basis. So we haven’t been able to decide if rewards on Loopring should be extended and, if so, at what rate.

It appears that liquidity is rather sticky though. Before the drop off in rewards, there was $5m in the pool, now there’s $4m. That still achieves our goals for L2, which was allowing smaller trades with low slippage for those who are priced out from the base layer.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for replying!