[MGC] AAVE 28, 29, and 30

The Index Coop Meta-Gov Committee has voted 5-0 FOR AAVE-28 “Raise Maximum Interest Rate on AMPL Market”, 3-2 FOR AAVE-29 “Lower Reserve Factor for AMPL” and FOR AAVE-30 “Dynamic Risk Parameters”.

Links to the snapshot pages for each are below:

AAVE-28 Snapshot
AAVE-29 Snapshot
AAVE-30 Snapshot


Hey MGC,

Myself & @mrvls_brkfst was having a discussion on AAVE-30 - Dynamic Risk Prams. And we’re curious on the reason behind the decision of “FOR”.

Not that we’re against it. But just want hear the arguments and contexts behind the decision in MGC. As seems like an interesting discussion going on in AAVE (with mixed result there), also some pushback from their community.


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All have been executed :white_check_mark:

Hey @pujimak_in and @mrvls_brkfst , thanks for the question and happy to elaborate on this. Below is an explainer highlighting the MGCs arguments for the vote:

AAVE-30 by Gauntlet proposed to improve risk management for the AAVE markets by moving towards a dynamic risk framework that can be adjusted according to market sentiment. The MGC believes that this would strengthen the protocol and protect its users. We also believe that Gauntlet is the right partner to do this: They have continuously been a strong advocate for DeFi and one of the most active community contributors to major DeFi protocols specialized in risk management. They are also the author of the risk framework currently in place and this proposal is an attempt to improve it. We also appreciate that they are keeping the community involved and leaving the final decision to the AAVE token holders. We respect the critic of the costs being too high and that was actually one concern raised within the MGC, nonetheless, the group decided to vote FOR, as we believe that the benefits outweigh the costs to the protocol.


Thank you so much for the elaboration on this. I now have a clearer understanding on the context and I do agree with MGC justification.


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