MVI Update - Future Rebalancing & Updates to the Methodology

Author(s): @afromac @anthonyb.eth
Created: 6 February 2023

Simple Summary

Due to IIP-169, Index Coop is now the operator and methodologist of the Metaverse Index (MVI). Currently, Index Coop’s Product team is responsible for maintaining and updating the methodology, while the Engineering team is responsible for executing the rebalancing according to the methodology.

This post serves as notice of interim plans to update the methodology and transition to a new rebalance schedule beginning March 1 and continuing to be rebalanced on the first business day of every three months following.

More information will be provided in a future forum post outlining the updated methodology and operating procedures. Some of the expected changes include:

  • Broaden the index to include categories such as NFT Infrastructure and Gaming
  • Improve the “liquidity-weighting factor” to more accurately assess on-chain liquidity
  • Add multiple sources to improve the robustness of data
  • Make minor changes to liquidity and market capitalization thresholds, as well as denominating these thresholds in ETH to ensure more consistency in eligibility through volatility

These changes are motivated by the desire to create a better product for users. Many of the tokens currently in MVI have poor on-chain liquidity which makes mint and redemptions difficult and leads to higher than desired price-NAV dislocation.

Our goal is to create the best possible version of the Metaverse Index that accurately captures and tracks the theme. The upcoming methodology changes and operating procedures, coupled with engineering upgrades, should help us to create a much better user experience.


Good Idea. I loved the diversification MVI provides. Are there any plans of moving the Index Multichain?

Hi Phii

There are no plans to do so immediately, but we are looking into multichain for future products. When the right solution is available, I think we will make MVI multichain.

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