New Joiner process next steps (ask on WG leads)

Hi owls,

Over the last two months, the Community team has been hard at work finessing the onboarding process for new joiners.

The cornerstone of our strategy has been to:

  • Rapidly build context and understanding
  • Identify and funnel top talent
  • Reinforce key behaviours
  • Streamline the entry of new joiners into our Working Groups

When I first joined, it felt like new joiners crashed on the Coop like a wave, with little structure to support their effective onboarding.

Since then we have…

1. Implemented a New Joiner call
Onboarded 65+ new Coop members through the New Joiner call
[Index Coop | New Joiners - Google Slides]

2. Refined a Bronze Owl Quest
Released a revised Bronze owl quests, which helps guide New Joiners through the key steps required to integrate with the community.


This Bronze Owl quest has gone through multiple stages of iteration - and we welcome the community’s feedback on anything else we should include in the quest.

Current process summary
Our current process broadly looks something likes this:

DAOs can be daunting, and from conversation with new joiners, they have shared that it is not always clear:

  • What skills, capabilities and experience a particular Working Groups requires
  • What a role within a Working Group could entail
  • What specific steps they need to do to onboard themselves into a Working Group

Upcoming focus
Our focus will therefore switch to further flesh out the step between “Build Context” and “Meaningful contributions”. This being the “WG Onboarding” step.

Also to note, once I am happy that we have a robust process for “building context” and transitioning people into making “meaningful contributions” - I’m keen to be much more proactive in the “attract” stage of community development.

WG Onboarding
I would therefore ask Working Group to complete the standard onboarding template which clearly articulates to new joiners:

  • Background of the group
  • What their contributions could look like in the short and long term opportunities
  • Behaviours, capability and experience required for the WG
  • Self learning / reading prior to joining
  • Key next steps to join the WG

It looks something like this…

Credit to @Metfanmike and @fallow8 for already starting this process and laying the foundation to develop this standard framework from.

How will this information be used?

Onboarding templates for each new WG will be shared with new joiners at the weekly New Joiner call, providing a blueprint for how they can identify which WG is most suitable for their skills - and charting a course for how they can provide value .

We will share a tracker which details the Onboarding documents with new joiners every week. This should help establish a process which will better enable you to funnel top talent and drive impact in our Working Groups.

Next steps

Please create your own Copy of the template and start completing it for your WG. [Onboarding Template (Joe Edits) - Google Docs]

I will schedule some time with each of the WG leads next week to discuss the onboarding process, and any specific people requirements you have.

Ideally each Working Group could complete this template by CoP Wednesday 23rd of June to be ready for our next weekly new joiner call (on Thursday 24th).

I’m hoping to get inputs as follows:
@Metfanmike and @fallow8 - IB (only minor changes required)
@Mringz - DeFi parternships - (already discussed)
@marshmellow & @Lavi - Growth / IC written content (already discussed)
@DevOnDeFi - CDWG
@jdcook - Analytics
@overanalyser - Product
@dylan - Dev (already discussed)
@Matthew_Graham - Treasury
@.LemonadeAlpha - Growth

If you think this standard template is missing something - please do let me know so we can update it accordingly.

This is not about creating structure for the sake of structure - this is your process to leverage talent to drive outcomes in your teams. Lets work together to ensure the process work for you!


Thanks @Pepperoni_Joe ! Will get you an onboarding template for AWG soon!

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