OTC Index Sale Community Call

Hi Owls :owl:

Following our recent community discussion IIP-32: Index Sale and vote Snapshot we will hold an Index OTC Sale Community Call on Tuesday 4/5 @ 8:00 am PST // 3:00 pm GMT

The purpose of this call is to provide an opportunity to answer community questions and provide clarity around the upcoming OTC sale.

Your actions! :boom:

  1. DM me your email address to be added to the calendar invite (here or BigSky#5342 on Discord)
  2. Add your questions to this thread

We will collect the questions here and we can address them on Tuesday’s call

Excited to see everyone on Tuesday!


Regarding this section of IIP-32, what’s the difference between 2 and 3?

And regarding those amounts, will there be a ceiling or floor for these amounts?

  1. What’s the latest update you can give on timing? What are the dependencies that drive it if you can’t be very specific?

  2. I understand that we’re looking for a headline bump and long-term strategic partners. Can you provide detail on what kind of value beyond capital will be offered to the Index Coop by “long-term strategic partners” in a way that will resonate with people unfamiliar with Crypto VC or general VC relationships?