**POLL CLOSED** Proposal: Women + Non-Binary of Index Coop Working Group


What are you proposing?

Proposing the funding of Women & Non-Binary of Index Coop Working Group for 3 months ending on 1/14/21. With the establishment of this working group, we plan to build the largest network of female & non-binary contributors of any DAO, helping Index grow our footprint and establish our reputation as the space for making crypto more accessible for everyone.

What is the core problem(s) you want to solve?

As Index continues to flourish and grow, homogeneity is not scalable or sustainable to the Coop’s long-term goals. As a leader in the DAO ecosystem, Index Coop has an opportunity to lead the way when it comes to creating initiatives that foster a diverse group of contributors in an ecosystem that struggles with diversity (see Slide 12 for DAO diversity metrics). The group tentatively called “Women in Index” has already begun creating a space for supporting women and non-binary people in becoming contributors to Index. The group has met weekly since June and we are now discussing how we might continue scaling our efforts in promoting more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Coop.

Today, the majority of contributors to the Coop are men. While Index has created spaces for fostering cultural diversity with initiatives like the growing Lang Op. WG and APAC communities, the fact remains that building a more inclusive and diverse community requires conscious, concerted effort. The vast majority of us gravitate toward linguistic homogeneity and cultural norms because of how our brains are wired. And while it is true that in DAOs, “you get out what you put in”, barriers like the Confidence Gap impact the likelihood of women, for example, becoming contributors. In order to truly build a more fair, people-first ecosystem, we need to acknowledge these barriers and create initiatives that address them.

Why is this worth addressing today?

Laying the Foundations

As Index Coop grows, laying the foundations for a diverse and inclusive community early is incredibly important. By intentionally experimenting with and building for inclusion, we set the tone for Index as it continues to scale. Not only does this fall in alignment with Index principles and values, but it also creates an opportunity for Index to attract and retain the best talent.

Amplifying Collective Intelligence

DAOs are built on the premise of amplifying collective intelligence – by empowering individuals to contribute, DAOs create an environment for collective creation and collaboration. But to truly amplify collective intelligence, networks need a diverse set of contributors with a wide variety of perspectives. To scale Index and maximize collective intelligence, the Coop needs to intentionally and consistently create conditions for diversity and inclusion.

Making Defi Accessible

Index funds are an important foundation for making defi accessible to everyone. Yet, to do this at scale, we need a diverse set of contributors who represent a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, identities, etc. When a homogenous population holds the majority of the power, leadership runs the risk of not properly representing the people their product serves, which can lead to fatal business oversights. Index has the opportunity to demonstrate and set a precedent for how products can be built by and for a global, diverse community. To do this, we need to recognize that diversity and inclusion is a constant practice, one that necessitates open dialogue about where we are lacking and how we can address those issues.

How will you address it?

The goal of this working group is to perform a series of experiments to understand how we can make Index Coop the most diverse DAO in the ecosystem. Experiments will fall under one of three categories:

  1. Building Culture
    Goal: build a culture of inclusivity and belonging by creating a space for women and nonbinary people to socialize and support one another.

  2. Educating

    Goal: execute on initiatives that help educate women and non-binary people about DAO contribution, Index, and defi more broadly.

  3. Supporting Path to Contribution

    Goal: help support and encourage women and nonbinary people in becoming contributors to Index.

The goal of this working group is not to turn every woman or non-binary person who comes into Index to a contributor – that is not sustainable. Instead, the goal is to experiment with different types of initiatives. In doing so, we hope to uncover tactical strategies that we can use across Index Coop to address challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Since the goal is not necessarily to onboard every woman and non-binary person who is interested in Index into a contributor, we felt it important to define the personas of people who we expect to engage with this initiative:

  1. Networkers (Low involvement)

    • People who come to working groups calls and participate socially
    • Help promote Index Coop and build our reputation as an inclusive and diverse space
  2. Builders (Medium involvement)

    • People who act as resources or contribute resources to the Coop
    • These people help Index by encouraging collaboration across other organizations, tapping into existing resources, and plugging into the ecosystem
  3. Contributors (High involvement)

    • People who join Index as contributors
    • These people help Index by becoming contributors, with the hope that contributors take on leadership roles as their journey in the Coop progresses

What impact will this project have?

  • Increase diversity among the Index community and contributors to the Coop
    • Use New Joiner form to measure diversity metrics for top-of-funnel
  • Establish Index as the leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the DAO space
    • Create content for establishing Index as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Increase number of Index token holders who identify as women or nonbinary (increase governance power)

Working Group Leader(s)

  • Chase Chapman, @chasechapman
    • Co-lead and DRI for Educational Initiatives
  • Juanna Zhai, @jujube
    • Co-lead and DRI for Social & Networking Initiatives
  • Meg Lister, @catjam
    • Co-lead and DRI for Coop-wide communication & coordination
  • Rashmi Ashok, @rashmiashok11
    • Co-lead and DRI for Contributor Rewards

This working group has 4 co-leads, which is unusual for Working Groups at Index Coop but a great fit for this group! Diversity and inclusion initiatives are most successful when they are able to permeate throughout an organization. Having multiple leaders with different skills and involvement in the DAO and ecosystem more broadly helps ensure this working group’s success. Additionally, all of the co-leads and individuals involved with WIC have commitments outside of Index Coop, and having multiple co-leads ensures that we will be able to provide a consistent presence and structure for the group.

Request for funding

Proposed Budget: $50,600

We are requesting a budget of $40.6K contributor rewards and $10K for additional expenses totalling $50.6K (with price of INDEX = $34 USD) over the next 3 months.

The budget will be allocated in the following currencies:

  • USDC: $10K
  • Fixed INDEX: 900
  • INDEX at 20-day TWAP: $10K

The events & experimentation budget will be allocated to a new WIC multi-sig totaling $10K, held in USDC.

The contributor rewards totaling $40.6K (all in INDEX) will be held by the funding council and distributed to contributors per the normal process.

Compensation Details & Use of Funds:

  • Working group leads: 900 INDEX
    • 75 INDEX per co-leader per month
  • Contributor compensation: $10,000
    • This is under the expectation of 2-5 additional contributors to this working group during Q4, primarily to launch and facilitate the mentorship program
    • We do not intend to compensate mentors or mentees for their participation, but recognize that running the program itself (recruiting, matching, setting up activities, KPIs & reporting) is work that should be compensated
  • Event & experimentation funds: $10,000
    • We would like to use these funds for events that are open both to WIC and allies of WIC, including discussions with female founders, crypto career advice, and more!

Organization - How will it work?

What will you be doing?

  • We will create a frictionless process for potential new women and non-binary IC contributors to find defined initial contribution work (requiring minimal context) based on their functional expertise by collaborating with other Working Group leads.
  • Build an IC mentorship program for new women and non-binary IC contributors
  • We will create content and WIC-focused manifestos for networkers and influencers to share to promote IC.
  • We will collaborate with industry experts and IC experts to host essential on-ramp educational workshops required to build more context on Index Coop Governance, products, and DAOs in general.
  • Host weekly happy hour social sessions or educational workshops to engage and empower the community
  • Identify opportunities to reach more women and non-binary people, educate them about IC, and onboard them as IC token holders to increase governance representation.
  • Build a comprehensive case study on the WIC Initiative to reference similar new initiatives under IC’s proposed new Innovation Labs.

How will you interface with the community?

  • Continue holding 1-hour weekly meetings, open to WIC community
    • Thursdays at 11am ET (DM any co-lead listed above to be added!)
    • We will specify or add 1-hour meetings that are also open to anyone who identifies as an ally of WIC
  • As this is a new working group and construct within the Coop, working group leads will also meet together weekly to discuss group progress, activity, and KPIs. We welcome other interested individuals to join these meetings when possible.
  • Group co-leads will ensure that the forum and discord channels are monitored with timely responses to all queries.
  • Group co-leads will handle inbound inquiries about the group and help onboard new members.
  • We will provide monthly updates and announcements via the forum as well as relevant discord channels.


I am committed to Index Coop principles

I am committed to serving the entire Index Coop with my work.

I am committed to open, rapid communication: I know that clear, constant, public communication lifts up the entire Index Coop community. I am committed to this style of communication.

Shared learnings: I will share my progress, learnings with the entire community. I will ensure that anything I create is accessible beyond my own tenure for future generations of Indexers to access & build on.

Intellectual honesty: I am committed to growth and improvement. I am open to feedback and will use feedback to improve my work for the benefit of the entire Coop community.

I am committed to making Index Coop a welcoming, fun, diverse, inclusive, and engaging community to work in!

Fund Women + Non-Binary of IC Working Group for Q4 2021
  • FOR

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OMG!!! I’m so FOR this!!! Had a pleasure sitting down and be part of the inclusion INDEX 2.0 workshop and working with @catjam, @chasechapman and @rashmiashok11 has been such a productive sessions.

Loving this and SUPER BULLISH for you all!! Hoot Hoot!!

*This gurl is on FYRE!!!


SUPPORTING THIS! So happy to see this as a formal WG. Congratulations all involved!


This is something I think everyone here would be incredibly proud to be associated with. It really shows off what we value as a DAO. [insert standing slow clap gif]


Brief table setting

  • I’m putting on my “Funding Council” hat to pose questions (See Q4 Working Group Guidance to learn more about Working Group proposals)
  • My intent is to ask the questions that ping in my mind with the hope that they help the entire Coop better understand the proposal and thinking behind it.
  • Questions are pretty much posed in the order the topic appears in the post.
  • If a question doesn’t make sense or is entirely off-base, do call it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Noting here: For all 3 of these pillars the question came to mind, “what sort of initiatives do you have in mind for _________ (building culture/educating/supporting path to contribution)”

The answers lie in the section, “What will you be doing.”

Two questions here dig a little deeper and learn where the thinking currently stands

  • What do you think motivates folks to attend existing calls (i.e. working groups calls ) socially?
  • Noting that working group calls are pretty business focused & curious to get this groups perspective insofar as there is one: How (if it at all) might non-work oriented calls support networker involvement? What could those calls look like?

A very operational question – supposing this proposal passes, will you be the one responsible for monthly rewards? If not, who will be the DRI for that work?

Looking at these 7 initiatives, how you are thinking about tackling/prioritizing amongst these?

Put another way, which do you think will be most impactful towards the goals: “build[ing] the largest network of female & non-binary contributors of any DAO, helping Index grow our footprint and establish our reputation as the space for making crypto more accessible for everyone.”


so excited to see this proposal!!


I wonder what’s the abbreviation for this WG… as it’s so long to pronounce. Sorry!!

Anyone? Do enlighten me please. :sweat_smile:

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ha! We’ve been using “WIC” but could alternatively go by WNBWG. Not great acronyms but oh well! :sweat_smile:


Hi @gregdocter – thanks for your questions! Responses in line…

This is a great topic and one that we’re exciting to continue experimenting/sharing our learnings, as we feel this is important for the overall Coop! As noted above, social/networking involvement is an important and valuable way of engaging with the Coop. A few thoughts on the above:

  • Motivation to attend calls socially: we have good product/market fit, in that there are a lot of women + NB individuals interested in DAOs, and not many spaces that specifically seek to engage this audience. WIC is very unique in the DAO space.
  • Additionally, many members have invited their friends, and their friends’ friends… leveraging external social networks has provided an extra layer of “glue” that is missing in many online-first communities.
  • Some of our most engaging topics for networking have involved our members sharing/demo’ing projects they are working on outside of IC. It’s an opportunity for them to practice presentations, and for the group to learn more about a topic they are interested in. Additionally, @jujube invites each member to share weekly wins – another great way to learn about what others are doing outside IC and cheer them on!

On a purely personal note – Thursday morning calls are one of my favorite parts of the week! As someone who works in crypto full-time, I spend much of my week as the only woman in a (virtual) room. Despite years of experience with this, I’m frequently second-guessing my behavior in those situations: am I being too bossy? Too dramatic? Kind of a bitch? That’s draining, and these WIC calls provide a space to re-energize – no second-guessing, and lots of fun crypto talk. :slight_smile:

I made a mistake copying and pasting in that section, and have edited the post. @rashmiashok11 will be responsible for monthly contributor rewards.

We have 2 initiatives currently in motion which are our top priorities:

  • Mentorship program: pairing up new women + NB joiners with experienced contributors
  • Pathways to contributors for new joiners: Identifying members of WIC who are interested in becoming contributors, and working to identify their interests, align with a series of WGs, and find the right ongoing work for them within the Coop

Additionally, we’re excited to tackle some content creation around WIC and our initiatives that can be used to spotlight and promote the Coop.

The remainder of items on the list are social and educational initiatives that we consider ongoing experiments to make the WIC group most valuable to our members and the wider IC and crypto community.


I am so strongly supportive of this initiative!

It really bums me out that in this new and exciting world of DeFi and DAOs there’s such a stark lack of representation. It’s one of those areas where having ideals of openness and opportunity just aren’t enough. I would be thrilled if Index Coop became a leader in diversity, and I think this working group is essential to making that happen!

Personally I think the work that this group does will directly contribute to the long-term success of not only Index Coop, but our industry as a whole :rocket: :full_moon:.


Having joined the last month of WIC calls I’m a strong supporter of this initiative and the leadership @chasechapman, @jujube, @catjam, @rashmiashok11. We can’t build the the future of the financial world without womxn.

KPIs are going to be an important part of this and believe the output could also be a successful framework for DAO diversity that could be shared with other DAOs in the ecosystem.
What are the KPIs and measures that will be used for this working group? For example:

• Largest network of female & non-binary contributors of any DAO
Measure: preferred pronoun selected during onboarding linked to Discord handle (and suggest similar initiative to other partner DAOs to track, measure and compare)
Contributor rewards
Measure: average monthly contributor rewards distributed to Discord handles with preferred pronouns female & non-binary compared to male contributors by hour and by working group
• Confidence
Measure: survey new WIC members day 1, and quarterly to see how the confidence score increases over time across measures like ability to contribute, sharing in the discord chat, connecting with other members of the Coop, etc.



Such a big fan of this initiative to date and this proposal! I’m voting FOR and will support this WG in any way I can.


Amazing proposal! This is a no brainer for me, and I’m excited to see the Coop be on the forefront of representation in Web3!


Huge fan of this initiative. I hope the team can consider how to enable diverse groups across the “supply chain” of creating an index product – everything from product to business development to marketing. Looking forward to some genuinely net new innovation here that DAOs and corporations across the world could use someday, hopefully something as high potential as the Rooney Rule!


Great to see this proposal move forward.

Going into Q4, I’m really hoping we can synergise Women in Index much more closely with POC, and the wider Coop going forward :pray:

In particular the following links in nicely with ongoing work within POC and Onboarding 2.0 (cc @bradwmorris and @seb)


I’m a big fan of anchoring KPIs around these proposal, and so I would be interested to dig a little deeper with you on how we can go about measuring success?

Off the bat, a good one could be # of individuals who identify as women / non-binary who are Gold Owls, Silver Owls, Bronze Owls. This seems more effective than simply top of funnel KPIs as it would indicate integration of Women and Non-binary integration into IC leadership.

Additional it would be great to explore grant funding for this initiative (as a broad proxy for recognition of efforts within the space). I’m hopefully that we can provide some more dedicated support for you in this regard (more detail will come as part of a Finance for the Future post this week).


Thanks @Pepperoni_Joe – we’re also looking forward to working more closely with POC & the Coop as a whole! I’ve taken that on as a specific part of my co-lead role, and would love to discuss more – I’ll reach out over Discord to start a dialogue.

Agreed with all of the synergies you named and love the builds!


Working to confirm the budget :point_down:

Total Budget: $50,600

  • $40,600 contributor rewards – INDEX [held by FC multisig]
  • $10,000 additional expenses – USDC [held by WIC multisig]

Is this correct?

What is the address for the WIC multi-sig?

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Yes this budget is correct!

The address for the WIC multisig: 0x32a9C703A0766cc5F1a82B55baABADeA1c09C85f