**Poll Closed** - Sponsoring trading competition with Perpetual Protocol

Owners: @Mringz @BigSky7 @reganbozman


Unfortunately the initial proposal to host a trading competition with DPI on Perpetual Protocols L2 trading platform was not possible because of issues around synthetic versions of our assets. However the Perpetual team has offered to purchase *$50K-$100K of DPI for their treasury with them marketing the DPI purchase with the launch of the trading competition, if our community is happy to go through with it.

For more details about the original competition proposal: Perpetual Protocol x Index Coop

The business development team is proposing we run the competition with the following changes:

  1. Prize pool: *$15 000 INDEX + $10 000 PERP
  2. Competition Duration: 31st May 2021 - 7th June 2021
  3. Traded asset: ETH


  • Marketing - Perpetual protocol is an a leading L2 trading platform so sponsoring the competition will give us exposure to their growing community of traders and Ethereum L2 natives
  • DPI Purchase - Perpetual protocol DAO will hold a portion of our assets in their treasury increasing our product exposure to DAO’s in the DeFi eco-system

Way forward:

If we vote to go ahead with the competition

  1. Perpetual protocol will go ahead with the DPI purchase
  2. Business development team will request sponsorship funds from treasury
  3. We will coordinate with the Perpetual team to launch the competition

Please note changes (*) before voting

  • Proceed with sponsoring the trading competition
  • Do not sponsor the trading completion

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curious, now that it is over**, what was the outcome(s) of this competition for the Coop?

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esp. did this happen?


Hey Greg. The Perpetual Protocol team did Make the treasury purchase here is the proof: 0xD374225abB84DCA94e121F0B8A06B93E39aD7a99

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Thank you, awesome! – linking to here to the actual transaction