Product Proposal Index

This post will act as an index to help people keep track of the current statuses of all Product proposals. The data have been collected into a spreadsheet and condensed into this post. Sorry, I was only allowed to mention 10 users (authors), therefore you find the info in the spreadsheet, or in the linked post. (updated link)

Product Summary Start End Votes
Uniswap V3 - research and recommendations With the introduction of concentrated liquidity, Uniswap increased capital efficiency for LPs and unlocked better trade execution for users. Same execution, in terms of price impact, can now be achieved with liquidity pools that are, on average, 4 times smaller. This has significant implications for liquidity mining incentives, which are the biggest expense for Index Coop… 06/22/2021 — —
MVI Update June 2021 It’s time for another update regarding MVI and what we’ve been doing this past month. With the request for a growth budget having just passed, we take a look back at the goals we set, and what comes next. 06/22/2021 — —
Request for Comment: Data Economy Index (DATA) Updates The stated background lead to improvements. Need respond! 06/19/2021 — —
Index Coop <> NFTX : Sector Leaders and Composability Ahead of the AMA with ChopChop of NFTX tomorrow (June 24, 2021) ( Discord ), I have been considering what composability might be available should our organizations joint-venture on a project or product. This is where I landed… 06/23/2021 — —
Request for Discussion: Data Economy Index (DATA) Mission & Purpose: The Data Economy Index (DATA) is a digital asset index designed to capture the growth of on-chain data economies. The Data Economy Index tracks projects with significant economic activity that connect decentralized blockchains to off-chain data… 06/03/2021 — —
Revised Product Prioritization Framework Continue of Introduction This will be a living document that covers the complete process for getting a structured product supported by the Index Cooperative. Adding new products is the most complex, time consuming and critical part of the Index Coop’s operations… 06/11/2021 — —
BTC2X-FLI Parameter Update #4 Raise the Max Trade Size of BTC2x-FLI from 10 BTC to 20 BTC, and increase the Max Trade Size for ripcord from 24 BTC to 50 BTC. 06/11/2021 — —
ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #7 Raise the Supply Cap of the ETH2x-FLI from 600,000 units to 800,000 units, increase the Max Trade Size for rebalancing from 400 ETH to 600 ETH, and increase the Max Trade Size for ripcord from 1,200 ETH to 1,600 ETH. 06/10/2021 — —
Sentiment Optimized Digital Asset Index - SODA As the Wall Street adage goes, you must be greedy when everyone else is fearful, and you must be fearful when everyone else is greedy. The language used in news cycles can activate different emotional regions of the brain and bias investor decisions away from their mathematically optimal (rational) decision… 05/24/2021 — —
Request for Discussion: Activate Intrinsic Productivity (IP) for DPI as a Standalone Product The purpose of this governance post is to address the community’s concerns with IIP-29, galvanize support for Intrinsic Productivity (IP) for DPI, and ensure quorum is reached when Decision Gate 2 (DG2) voting takes place… 05/27/2021 05/27/2021 For: 80.52% Against: 19.48%
MVI Update May 2021 Although Verto and I aren’t a working group, as full time contributors it’s still important we lay out what we’ve achieved with the MVI product and our goals going forward. I’m sure the community has expectations for us and we want to be transparent in sharing our strategy and achievements. 05/01/2021 — —
BED back test (IIP-22) OK, There have been some discussions within the Discord, Discourse and Product Working Group over whether a balancer pool, or a Set Protocol structure is better… 04/26/2021 — —
DPI Index Rule Change - Capped Opening up discussion on the possibility of tweaking the DPI index rules to be a capped Index. The Index would still be market-capitalization weighted but there would also be a cap so that individual tokens don’t exceed a certain percentage of the portfolio during rebalancing… 03/27/2021 03/27/2021 Should DPI add a Weight Cap? No (Current): 48%, Yes: 43%, Abstain: 9% ========== What should the weight cap be? No cap (current): 52%, 20%: 15%, 25%: 15%, 30%: 15%, 35%: 10%, Abstain: 10%, 40%: 5%
Simultaneous Liquidity mining - Things to consider I think that Liquidity mining sits pretty much at the centre of the coops products / customer experience, with significant overlap with growth and treasury… 03/31/2021 — —
Intrinsic DPI Productivity w/ $INDEX as Risk Backstop To continue the DPI productivity conversation in the new Product category, we recently ran into the idea that you can use $INDEX as a backstop in case things go wrong. This is currently implemented in Aave V2 and with MKR (where Maker is used to recollateralize DAI in case things go wrong)… 11/06/2020 — —

Hi @Elmit , thank you for this. I believe people will find it useful, and also that you will have the ability to post more links as you use the forum more and more.

For me the spreadsheet will not open without permission, is this intentional or can it be set to view only for anyone with the link?

Sorry, I think I found it how to allow. Please try to open the file.

Nightmare is over:
I used my PAID Google account of my company. This version does not allow to share with anybody, but with specific emails. I had to create a free Google account, shared my docs with this free account, make a copy there, and shared from this free account to anybody who has a link.
I tested this way by using incognito window in Brave.


Great! Sorry it was such a mission with the sheets!

I think it is also worth pointing out that, although a little different in scope, the IIPs are kept track of on the site: IIPs by Status/Result - Index Coop Community Handbook

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, during my work, I got NO hint, No response to my suggested presenting of my work, other than a single thumbs-up emoji.

If you think my work isn’t worth it, then I can stop contributing altogether. I’m good at guessing, but sometimes my guesses are not correct. In such a case, I better find another place to donate my time.

Hi @Elmit, my intention was not to be negative and I am sorry if that is how it came across. The Coop is a constant work-in-progress built on coordinating and sharing information. I am sure having this information more easily at hand and in this form will be useful to people using the forum - this post has already received many likes. It is quite possible that the person giving the thumbs-up didn’t know of the docs page, or that they were supporting your readiness to get involved rather than the task specifically - I don’t know the context and should stop guessing. In general here, I would definitely ask rather than guess if there is uncertainty - there are many of us here from many different backgrounds and assumptions can quickly go awry. I hope the Coop will continue to inspire and benefit from your contributions.