Proposal: Use Visor Finance for Liquidity Mining on Uniswap v3

Hi Index Community!

This is Brian from Visor Finance, and I wanted to get the community’s response for utilizing Visor Finance to conduct liquidity mining on top of Uni v3. I understand based on a prior post by @overanalyser that liquidity mining on DPI-ETH is tapering down, and that the plan was to use a short v3 staking contract. However, I just wanted to get our proposal out there, if not for the DPI-ETH pool, then possibly for future products down the road as we believe our product will provide the better experience for the team and the community.

This proposal from Visor Finance offers Index Coop the ability to conduct liquidity mining and liquidity provisioning on Uniswap v3 through Visor Phantom, which is an enterprise-level tool suite for managing and incentivizing liquidity on Uniswap v3.


Visor Finance actively manages liquidity on Uniswap v3. An LP simply mints a Visor Vault NFT and deposits the base assets of an LP pair into the vault. There is no need to deposit the LP tokens, and by simply depositing assets into a Visor Vault, the LPs permission Visor do the rebalancing and optimization automatically on Uni v3, saving both time and gas fees.

Visor additionally funds a research organization called Gamma Strategies ( which is dedicated to researching optimal strategies on Uniswap v3.
Visor Phantom’s enterprise-level tool suite allows any DeFi project to co-manage and incentivize liquidity on Uni v3 with Gamma Strategies. The strategies implemented are flexible and tailored to the particular wants and needs of individual DeFi projects. The Index community and team will also have the ability to sign off on any strategy that is being employed as well as manually control different aspects of the strategy such as rebalancing, fee collection / re-investment, and liquidity mining emissions.


The problem is that the current infrastructure (Uniswap v3 Staker Contract) for liquidity mining is disadvantageous for the following reasons:

1. Manual Price Range Management: LPs need to manage the price range themselves, and will NOT earn fees or liquidity mining rewards if the current price is not within their specified price range

2. Manual Compounding: The Uniswap v3 staker contract requires the LPs to manually collect fees and re-invest those fees back into position, incurring gas fees in the process

3. High Gas Costs: Index Coop LPs need to pay for gas when (a) providing liquidity on Uniswap v3, (b) staking / unstaking LP tokens, (c) claiming rewards, (d) rebalancing positions, and (e) collecting & re-investing fees back into the LP position. This is likely the main drawback to the Uniswap v3 Staker Contract


Visor Phantom offers Index Coop a user-friendly way to collect & re-invest fees, rebalance positions based on guidance from Gamma Strategies, and/or rebalance positions based on strategy endpoints on behalf of all of the LPs.

These functionalities can be easily accessed by the team by simply sending commands through a Telegram bot. Additionally, the price ranges will be co-managed by Index Coop and Gamma Strategies, and Index Coop will be able to sign off on the strategy being employed through the Visor Phantom tool suite.

Visor Phantom’s liquidity mining layer will also allow for gasless subscribing to liquidity mining rewards.

To summarize, Visor Phantom offers the following advantages:

1. Automated Price Range Management: An automated strategy (co-managed by Gamma Strategies & Index Coop) will manage price ranges so that liquidity is placed in optimal fee earning position, and LPs do not need to monitor and manually adjust the position themselves

2. Automated Compounding: On a regular basis, fees are collected and rebalanced back into position on behalf of all the LPs, saving them significant gas costs and allowing for a more profitable strategy

3. Significant Gas Savings: LPs pay for gas to deposit & withdraw the base assets on the Visor interface. They can gaslessly subscribe to the Index Coop liquidity mining program and because the gas fees for rebalancing, fee collecting, and re-investing is split amongst all the LPs, there are significant gas cost savings for each liquidity provider


We propose using Visor Phantom for Index Coop’s liquidity mining program for the DPI-ETH pool, but if not, then potentially for a future Index product down the line.

I’m happy to gauge the community’s thoughts and would love to stay in touch going forward.


Hi Brian

This is something I am very interested in working on. I am going to message you directly.


I have been wishing this existed for weeks, to see that Visor reached out directly is fantastic news for me. I will not touch manual V3 positions because its an IL guarantee during this kind of market (I also can’t afford the gas to manage it.)

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I’m concern regarding Smart Contract risks. Is this contract audited?

Hi Brian, welcome to the coop and thanks for the post. Are you in our discord if anyone needs to reach out?

Just to add here for benefit of the community that IBWG are also in talks with a professional market maker that could also help manage our v3 liquidity across our product range in the longer term.

Thanks for your question. We have an audit by Certik completed. Please see this article here: Hypervisor Audit Report - Visor Finance - Medium. Our next audits will be Runtime and ConsenSys Diligence.

Additionally, Visor has taken steps out of an abundance of caution to limit risk, including individual deposit limits and progressive deposit limits.

Recently, we have also partnered with Nexus Mutual (Announcing Cover on Visor Finance Through Nexus Mutual | by Visor Finance | Visor Finance | Aug, 2021 | Medium) which will provide an option for cover for LP funds deployed in any Visor Finance active positions.

Hi Andrew,

Yes, I am in the index coop discord and referenced this proposal here: Discord

Happy to take questions there. Also, feel free to ask questions in the Visor discord as well here: VISOR FINANCE.


Anyways @bp333… flagging @fallow8 and @Metfanmike as they are heading IBWG.

Hi @bp333

Thank you for your post.

As you have said, we are tapering down INDEX rewards on DPI, and I currently expect that we will not extend the v3 staking contract. The hope is that the volume on v3 will be sufficient to sustain sufficient liquidity for DPI.

We are looking at a few options for future products:

  • v3 staking contracts (DPI)
  • v2 Lqiudiity mining (MVI)
  • Using Sushi Onsen rewards (BTC2-FLI)
  • Self sustaining v2 and v3 lqiudiity (ETH2-FLI)
  • Direct provision on v3 by INDEX coop (BED).

It is certainly an area where we are looking to make improvements (Capital efficiency for LP’s and reduced cost to IDNEXcoop)


That’s awesome. We’d love to be in discussions about your future products. We’re also scheduling a call with Bankless DAO about the direct provision on v3 of the BED token. Happy to have you on the call as well.