Request for Yield Staking via zksync

This refers to the yield staking options mentioned on such as Index which stakes GMI for INDEX rewards.

Currently the staking options produce this error when connecting to my argent zksync wallet, which is where my GMI balance lives due to its advantages:

Which is unfortunate as the layer 1 flow has excessive fees compared to what zksync enables:

When will we start to see yield staking for the index coop ecosystem for zksync wallets?

Staking for GMI isn’t available on zkSync, and currently has lapsed and is only available for withdrawals.

Correct. It is a feature request.

Currently only those holding long positions on index coop product balances in layer 1 wallets can utilise the current yield staking options.

My hope is to see the availability of the yield staking options be extended to support layer 2 zksync wallets, such that those holding long positions on index coop product balances in layer 2 zksync wallets can also utilise the yield staking options and receive their benefits, and that in general the lower gas advantage of layer 2 will allow more yield staking of index coop products overall due to layer 1 customers migrating to take advantage of layer 2 benefits, as well as onboarding new layer 2 customers like myself where layer 1 is too costly.

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This is something that can certainly be done on another layer, and will probably be considered in the event we want to do staking rewards ever again for a new product

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