Risks of ETH2X-FLI During The Merge

I have some important Merge-related questions about the FLI products and would be grateful for any insight and guidance from the community.

What are the technical risks associated with holding ETH2X-FLI (mainnet) through The Merge? Is there an increased risk associated with liquidations, oracle vulnerabilities, etc? What steps are Index Coop/SET taking to ensure the code is sound and ready for the network upgrade in mid-September '22?

Thanks in advance.

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The execution layer, which is what our products sit on, is not changing and we should not even notice the merge happened


hi there @unknownx — Thank you for raising these questions. @0xModene is correct, we don’t anticipate any technical problems related to The Merge. That said, we’ll be answering all of these questions in the next few weeks (as well as many more related to our products and The Merge). Do you already subscribe to our newsletter? If not, that is probably the best way to get our updates: Index Coop Newsletter | News about DeFi, our tokens and strategies

Thanks again for reaching out!