The Index Creative Challenge

Hi Owls :owl:

From our product and growth call earlier today and last week, it seems like we’re on board with having a content creation challenge to create large amounts of community created content for the Index Coop. As a recap, there’s a proposal below that outlines the details for the Index Coop Creative Contest.

The Goals

  • Create Awareness - Create more awareness for the Index Coop.
  • Content - Create months of marketing created in a few weeks.
  • Growth - Onboard more members into the Index community and more holders of DPI.
  • Leverage Treasury - Utilize the treasury to reward creative contributors to the Index Coop.
  • Creative Community - Tap into the creative community and create fun and engaging content for the coop together.

Creative Challenge Specifications

Name: The Index Creative Challenge

Description: A creative challenge where creators are encouraged to create content about the Index Coop, and are rewarded prizes for creating the best content. Submissions can include videos, art, graphic design, infographics, articles, music, thoughtful tweets, memes, and more.

Reward: $15,000 worth of INDEX. This is ~3,420 INDEX @ $4.39 as of Dec 7th 2020.
We’ll most likely update this amount to reflect new price info when we launch the event.

  • 1st: 800 INDEX
  • 2nd: 550 INDEX
  • 3rd: 450 INDEX
  • 4th: 300 INDEX
  • 5th: 200 INDEX
  • 6th - 10th: 100 INDEX
  • 11th - 20th: 50 INDEX
  • Promotion Raffle: 115 INDEX

Promotion Raffle:
The promotion raffle is about ~$500 worth of Index for people who retweet certain tweets that the Index Coop Twitter puts out in order to incentivize early sharing and awareness.

  • Raffle Length - The raffle will start when the competition starts and end midway through, on December 23rd.
  • Keeping It Fair - In order to keep the raffle fair, if anyone is suspected to be cheating by botting or creating inorganic content through fake accounts, judges will reserve the right to remove that participant from getting the prize.

Dates: 3 Weeks, Dec 14th - Jan 4th. Allows for 3 weekends for people to create content.


  • Submissions should be on topic and meaningful for the Index Coop.
  • There are no limits to the submissions you can make.
  • When submitting:
    • You must follow @indexcoop.
    • You must add #IndexChallenge to the tweet so we can find the submissions.


  • Top 5 Judging - Top submissions 1-5th place will be voted on by the community through Snapshot.
  • Judging 6th-20th Place - 6th - 20th will be voted on by the Index top contributors, Set team, and DeFi Pulse team.

Next Steps

  1. Pull Funds - Use funds from IIP-010 to fund the Index Creative Challenge.
  2. Create Submissions Tracking - Create a system for tracking submissions that’ll be better than scanning the #indexchallenge hashtag on Twitter. We can most likely come up with a system by next week.
  3. Post Announcement - Mon, Dec 14th - Release an announcement on the Index Twitter and Medium, with community members helping to share and amplify the message.
  4. Run The Contest - Dec 14th - Jan 4th - Monitor submissions and help promote good submissions on socials. Create additional promotion campaigns during the contest to make it grow more (@Gabriel’s suggestion).
  5. Create Ongoing Promotion Campaign - Release the content consistently over the next few weeks and months after the contest.

Edit 1 - Added in a Promotion Raffle, where users can be rewarded a portion of the prize pool for retweeting the Creative Challenge content on Twitter.


Uncle is warming up his meme machine. Setting calibration to ‘dank’


i have been scooping up DPI since it’s inception but this… this right here… well, it’s got me smitten :blush:

it’s disheartening that my schedule makes it next to impossible for me to attend the zoom calls but I gotta extend a big thank u to the person, or people, who proposed this…thank you! that said, i do have a question or 2 tho that I’d greatly appreciate some feedback on.

Questions regarding video content

  1. is there any information, or a specific approach that the owls in charge of judging are going to be looking for? it seems pretty clear that the goal is to spread the word of DPI (& ultimately increase the numbers of ppl involved) thru the creation of A1 promo content. i’m wondering if informative/instructional videos falls within the scope here tho?

  2. is there a cap on the number of resources on a person can make? I kinda have the wheel turning a bit… well, I basically have 2 different ideas for videos that I think the cooperative could benefit from putting out there.

community driven FTW

Not a question per say, but I did want to quickly mention that I personally think that this approach of having any and all materials being created by members of. the index coop is how it should be. I mention this because I noticed that the PieDAO community entered into an agreement in which their pools would be promoted by a 3rd party. While i don’t see anything wrong this. He very well may have his own funds tied up within one of their various pools but I think it would be redundant for the indexcoop to engage in this because…

A. It would eliminate opportunities such as this one where we can not only control every aspect of the cooperative,but also keeping all of the funds circulating within the community and it’s members.

B.) Unlike PieDAO, DPI’s is directly connected to 2 heavyweights in DeFi Pulse & TokenSets. If we need to pay thousands of dollars for a promo segment then we are muffin up big time.

For the record, I’m a huge chico crypto fan and have been since I first submerged myself in DeFi at the start of Sept. 2019. I highly recommend checking 'em out if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:


Hey @tgreco :owl: Awesome to see that you’re pumped about this :blush: To answer your questions:

  1. Judging Content - Judging will be based on quality of content, and engagement. The better the quality and more engagement it gets on socials, the more likely it’ll be included in the top 20 considered for prizes. High quality content refers to not only if it’s well made, but also those points you mentioned where it spreads word of mouth, provides informative content, or is just really interesting all around. The top 20 entries will be chosen by the treasury committee and top Index contributors (gold, silver, bronze owls) with input from the broader community. During our governance calls, we’ll go over the top entries and post them here to make sure the community is kept up to date on the latest entries and make sure the top 20 entries are on the mark according to the community. The community is encouraged to vouch for certain entries to make sure that no entry is left out of consideration.
  2. Content Cap - There’s no cap on the amount of entries you can make. You’ll most likely have a good chance at winning a top 20 placement if you do make multiple entries but also focus on good quality content that’ll get the community excited.

I agree, community content has the potential to be big if it’s nurtured the right way. I think that in the future, I wouldn’t be opposed to promo events with 3rd parties though, since I don’t believe it’d stop us from throwing fun community events like this. In fact there might even be synergies if someone like ChicoCrypto wanted to create interesting content with us, which gets more people involved in participating in community driven events like this.


Hey @inje, thanks so much for that prompt + super thorough response. Not trying to gas you up, but I gotta give u a perfect 10 out of 10 for that one. :sunglasses: s/o to you buddy.

That all sounds really good though. In the event that I have any questions, I’ll either reach out to you here or on discord, so let me now which platform you’d prefer fielding question within. That said, I could very well end up not having any questions… but hey, it pays to be prepared! :smirk:


@tgreco Sounds good :+1: I’ll respond if you post here, or you can DM me on Discord (@Inje#3245)


I think something that might help with this campaign would be a shared collection of digital assets (logos of projects, owl graphics, DPI graphics etc) that people could use to make images/graphics etc. I found it very helpful when making memes. One consideration is that they have to be managed as the composition of the index changes (no more REP logos needed for example)


I’m into sound design. Anyone who needs help fixing up audio or adding audio touches is welcome to send me a message.


Owl Body

I got most of the token logos from yearns github

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I have a healthy stockpile of memes ready to go, just let me know when and where!


this is awesome :raised_hands: are you in the discord server?

you might want to share that same message in the #:art: index-challenge channel!

Hi I made a gif, when and where can I post it?

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Hey you can post it on twitter including the hashtag #indexchallenge to enter.
You can also share it on the Index Coop discord :slightly_smiling_face:

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We just announced the Bonus Challenge today in collaboration with Rarible, where users will be able to participate and win $2,000 worth of INDEX in bonus prizes in addition to the original $15,000 Index Creative Challenge prizes. Check it out here: