TradFi geek request

I’m having a minor case of impostor syndrome.

I’m planning to do some writing on a ranges of subjects around customers, indexes, portfolios and long term investments.

I would like somone help to bounce ideas off / proof read / review / send check / sniff test before I make it public.

I think I’m looking for someone who spends time thinking about:
Modern portfolio theory
The 4% safe withdraw rule.
Why people recommend 80:20 equity to bonds.
Why 72 is important for compounding
Monevator blogs (UK)
r/FIREUK etc
Lars Kroijer
UK Motley Fool forum (rip) / lemonfool
“Smarter investing” by Tim Hale
How many tabs do I need in the next version of my spreadsheet.

If this is you, drop me a DM on the discord so we can exchange emails.

If this all sounds new to you, watch this space for more waffle from me :slight_smile:

Oh I’ll probably want to ask some stupid questions about DeFi as well.


Hey :wave:,

I’m not familiar with most of the themes you are talking about, but I really enjoy brainstorming around finance and DeFi so, don’t hesitate to send me a preview of your work on Discord.



A bit late here, I know, but I just recently joined the Coop community. I spent 10 years in tradfi, on the asset management side. Also know the FIRE stuff pretty well, since I did the light version of it. Let me know if there anything I can do to help.


Hi @verto0912

I think my main thought at the time was trying to produce more blogs / writing to promote DeFi / index funds. I’ve since focused on my blog on crypto natives. But I know that others are working on material for linkedin to try and spread the word. So that my be another area you can help with.

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I think I’ll try to create some content as well for my newsletter/company blog. I was thinking about crypto ETFs around June, with it being fairly easy to do top-20, top-10, defi, supply chain and all types of other funds. Having onchain derivative solutions will also make it feasible to do low vol, income oriented, long/short funds, etc. Exciting stuff.

Do connect me with anyone you know who’s working on content. Would love to help out.


Fellow TradFi denizen here; new to the community; with a background in content and partnerships. Happy to help with ideas, proof reading, fun chats, etc!