**Updated** Request for Feedback: New Product Onboarding Process

Got it! Thanks @mel.eth , I’ll make those changes / reach out to you for a few questions :slight_smile:


I think the matrix team assignments are unclear. After +DG1, I suggest PWG nominate matrix reps from PWG, Methods, GMWG, and Set/Engineering. Each project slide should have a table listing the team leader and matrix reps with a flag for any missing functions.

It would be useful to have a marketing assessment after DG1 to help determine market potential, segment, fees, and fundraising, and more marketing involvement earlier generally.

Maybe they exist but I haven’t seen any project plans with milestones, timing, resource. These could be owned by the team leader.


Thanks for the feedback, @JosephKnecht ! Your feedback highlights a few areas we’re actively working on. We can’t solve them all with this specific onboarding process documentation, but have many initiatives in flight to continue evolving!

On matrix team assignments: The Leveraged Indices and Simple Indices Pods (led by @afromac and @Financial-Freedom respectively) are designed to help with exactly that – provide DRIs across the organization to own cross functional tasks. They’ve formed relatively recently and we definitely intend to keep iterating and empowering them. (If you have any specific feedback on your experience here – please feel free to reach out directly to myself or another member of the PWG and we’re happy to chat!)

Agree on the market assessment after DG1, this is also something @jdcook has started thinking about from an analytics / work team analysis perspective.

We do have a tracker here: INDEXcoop idea to DG2 tracker - Google Sheets

More to come as we learn/grow, keep the feedback & involvement coming!